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Making a Will is the kind of thing that most people don’t want to think about. It’s completely understandable. By doing so, we’re actively planning for a time when we won’t be here anymore. It’s not the type of activity that we want to fill our free time with and, to be honest, it often seems like a complicated process.

Nevertheless, making a Will is a good idea for adults with the capacity to do so because it means that we know our loved ones will be taken care of in the way we would like should anything happen to us. When we view the process as being about looking after someone else, it doesn’t seem so bad. However, we still have the issue of it often being a complicated process that’s confusing and off-putting. 

Thankfully, there is a great solution to this problem, and it’s provided by a company called Smart-Will.

What is Smart-Will?

Smart-Will is an online Will writing app that’s different from other Will Writing Services in that it makes it easy for anyone to produce a legal Will in a stress-free way.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Smart-Will is that it’s much easier to digest the information in front of you as you’re not bombarded with frustrating jargon. This streamlines the process so anyone can create a Will from the comfort of their own home with support throughout the entire journey.

How Does Smart-Will Work?

It couldn’t be easier to get started with Smart-Will and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Download the Smart-Will app on your phone or tablet
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Make use of the Will writing services to create your Will. Support is available throughout the entire process.
  4. You’ll be sent a physical copy of your will to sign and return in a prepaid envelope.
  5. Store your Will securely for free
smart-will writing app

The main purpose of Will writing app is to make the process as easy as possible for the user. One of the benefits of the app is that you can create Wills on your phone or tablet which means you can write Wills as and when you choose in a comfortable location.

Smart-Will make the process straightforward by showing you how to choose the best executor to suit your needs. You’re able to divide your estate between your beneficiaries as you see fit and can easily leave money and possessions as well as monetary charity donations.

If that wasn’t enough, the Smart-Will app can help you with funeral arrangements including cost-freezing schemes and can even put plans in place to have a person’s ashes scattered at the edge of space.

Of course, one of the main worries with creating online Wills is that you could feel somewhat alone in the process. However, Smart-Wills put customer service first so there’s no need to worry about that. For example, Smart-Wills will obtain fixed fee quotes from local solicitors so you’re able to get the best value for your money. 

If you are struggling with anything or would simply like a bit of advice, you’re able to get in touch with the Smart-Will team by clicking the ‘talk to us’ button in the app’s help tab.

Benefits of Smart-Will

Creating a legal Will online sounds great but does Smart-Will offer features that make it a worthwhile app? The answer is yes.

To maintain ease of use, the Smart-Will app has a user-friendly interface and offers support whenever you need it from dedicated legal experts.

The fact that you can obtain fixed fee quotes prevents you from spending valuable time and effort searching on your own. Furthermore, you know you’re getting the best price possible.

One of the standout features of the app is that you can record and securely store video messages for your loved ones. This kind of service is certainly taking Will writing into the modern era.

Of course, once you’ve created a Will you want to make sure that it’s safe. Smart-Will stores and secures your Will completely free of charge.

Other Services

smart-will executor type

Impressively, Smart-Will offers much more than a simple Will writing app. There are a wide variety of optional extras available within the app:

  • Will updates for life as circumstances change
  • Simple Mirror Will with updates for life
  • Bespoke Simple Wills
  • Will inc. trusts
  • Lasting Power of Attorney 
  • Severance of Joint Tenancy
  • Life assurance trust
  • Deed of assignment
  • Asset Protection Trust
  • Transfer of property into trust

Special Smart-Will Money Shed Discount

By signing up to Smart-Will and using the code SHED you can get 20% OFF the price of a will. This means that it will only cost £63 for a single Will or £95 for a Mirror Will. This not only includes FREE Wills storage but also updates to the Will FREE FOR LIFE and they will also send out a physical Will on high-quality paper to be signed and witnessed.


It’s clear to see that Smart-Will offers a range of services that would be useful for anyone looking to write a Will. The problem with traditional Will writing is that it seems complicated and, when it’s related to such a difficult topic, can be something we put off for a long time.

Nevertheless, every adult with the capacity to do so should create a Will for the simple fact that it makes life easier for your loved ones should something happen. Knowing that your estate will be inherited by the recipients you want gives you peace of mind to continue to enjoy life knowing everything is in order.

Whether you’re single, married, living with a partner, or have children, it makes sense to write a Will. With this in mind, signing up to Smart-Will and creating your own Will is simple and nowhere near as daunting as trying to do it on your own. With no jargon, a user-friendly interface, and support throughout the whole process, Smart-Will appears to be the modern go-to for Will writing for all. 

The fact that you can make updates as and when required for life is the cherry on the cake as circumstances often change as the years go by. Having everything in one place really takes the stress out of a situation many of us often avoid even talking about. 

Smart-Will is available to download on the App Store and Google Play. Try it out for yourself and you’ll see just how easy it is to take care of something so important to you and your loved ones.

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