Top 5 reasons why no one is clicking on the affiliate links on your blog

Top 5 reasons why no one is clicking on the affiliate links on your blog

So, you’ve gone through our Beginners Bloggers Toolkit, got your blog up and running and had this great idea for a blog post. You’ve written it well, your SEO is on point and you’ve perfectly integrated some affiliate links into it so they don’t look out of place. The only problem you have is that no-one seems to be clicking them. Why? Why is it that no-one is interested in clicking your affiliate links when the content you’re giving them is gold? Here are five top reasons why your viewers aren’t clicking your affiliate links.

Your Site Is Too New

It is well documented that getting views and clicks on your site can take time, you can’t just start a blog and expect to be making money from links overnight. The average site needs to be live and publishing regular content for a minimum for three months before any real progress can be seen; there are the few exceptions to this but most of the time it’s at least three months.

There Isn’t Enough Content

Regular and quality content is the key to encouraging your viewers to click through to your affiliate links. If you post once a fortnight, then you won’t have enough meat to your site for people to get their teeth in to – they want to see that your site is active and what you’re posting is up to date.

Your Links Don’t Compliment Your Post

There is nothing worse that reading a post about a subject you’re interested in to then be met with the poster trying to pedal a link for something that is completely off topic. Writing an article about the latest beauty trends and deciding to throw in a link for football shirts will not lead to clicks. Make sure you keep your links relevant to what it is you’re writing.

Every Post Is Full of Affiliate Links

If every post you write contains link after link after link then your reader isn’t going to have faith in what you say; at the end of the day you’re trying to make money off them so will say anything for a sale. Mix your posts up, write about things that won’t make you money but will let your readers see that you’re not money orientated which will lead them to trust what you’re saying. Also, limit the amount of links you include – don’t link for the sake of linking.

Your Readers Don’t Trust You

At the end of the day, if you’re not doing the above it leads to your readers not trusting what you write. The key to clicks is trust, you need to give them a reason to believe what you’re saying and reward you for your help. Most readers know that an affiliate link will lead to a way for you to make money so if they’re not clicking then you’re not giving them a reason to click it.

If you’re not seeing the results you want then take a step back, try to look at your blog as one of your viewers – would you click your links? Does your content make you trust the writer? If not then make a plan of action to correct this and you’ll soon see a change in those results.

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