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Cyber-crime a threat we must not ignore

Cyber-crime a threat we must not ignore 3

Cyber-crime a threat we must not ignore 

In an increasingly online and connected world online security has never been so important. On a daily if not hourly basis we are sharing our personal information, including sensitive financial data, with another entity, online. With each of these sharing interactions we increase the chance that a fraudster could strike.

With the run-up to the festive period including super shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the temptation to these criminals is intense. From their perspective why actually physically break in someone’s house and lift a few electrical goods when you can break into their virtual financial house and empty their life time savings?


With the rising threat, there are plenty of organisations out there that want to raise the profile of these types of crime and the pain felt by the victims. One fintech firm, who know a thing or two about protecting sensitive data online, has released a handy infographic to cover off the major threats and how to counter them.

With just a few basic tips we can get virtually savvy and protect ourselves online, making it just that bit harder for the cyber-criminals to gain an advantage.




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