Saving money at Christmas

Saving money at Christmas

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year for many in the UK. From present buying to belly-filling, there is always so much to buy and with each purchase the total cost becomes greater. Savvy shopping is the key to having a happier and healthier wallet, saving money while still providing quality gifts has become easier than ever with many sites now doing all the leg work for you. Voucher codes, discounted gift cards and even websites that will find and share flash deals are flooding the internet – showing you that you don’t have to overspend to have a great Christmas. Here are a few great Christmas money saving tips.

Plan Ahead

Don’t just hit the shops and hope to find what you want. Take time to write lists and plan what you are going to buy people. This means you also have time to check online before hitting the high street where you might just find it cheaper; failing that you can always click and collect which will save you time.

Always Look for a Discount Code

During your planning take the time to hunt for a “[brand] discount code” using a search engine. These can be anything from xx% off your first purchase to free delivery, at the end of the day 5% off the price of an item you were getting anyway is nothing to be sniffed at.

Use Cashback Sites

If you can’t find a discount code, then check TopCashback or Quidco to see if the brand offer cashback for your purchase. This will eventually bring down the cost of the purchase once the cashback has been credited but it’s not an instant thing. Also take in to account that you might be able to combined the discount code and the cashback but the cashback might only be for the total price paid and not for the price before the discount.

Save and Reuse Unwanted Gifts

Ok, you didn’t like the body set that your Uncle Barry bought you, don’t ditch it! Put it away for next Christmas and use it as your Secret Santa gift, or as a raffle contribution to the kid’s school fair.

Do It Yourself

Creating your own gifts is talked about time and time again when it comes to saving money for Christmas, and for good reason. Homemade gifts take a lot of thought and if the kids are involved then they’re extra special. If you’re not artsy or crafty then making hampers takes no skill at all. Contents can be sourced cheaply and in bulk, then split it between a few families. These hampers are great for distant relatives as they can also be sent in the post – make note of final delivery times before sending and always do a postage comparison.

As well as these Christmas money saving tips, My Voucher Codes have created their own money saving tools and a handy video that gives you even more ways to save for the festive period.

What are you doing this year to save money on Christmas?

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