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5 reasons why you keep quitting blogging!

5 reasons why you keep quitting blogging!

Blogging is a great way to make money, that is a simple fact. There are many, many bloggers out there earning more than they would in a full-time job but there are many more who start a blog and it ends up going nowhere. Most blogs will barely make it past a year with six months being the sweet spot for a blog being discarded. Why do so many new bloggers give up on something that could see them increasing their earnings by a very healthy amount? What is it that’s making them stop something they’ve already started? Well, here are the five reasons why you keep quitting blogging!

Lack of Direction

Starting a blog is never an easy task. You must decide on a name, on a niche (even if it isn’t a specific one), on how and who will host it, the content you want to include, whether you want to monetise it with things like Adsense. If before you start you don’t spend a good amount of time knowing exactly where you want your blog to go in the future, then it’s going to end badly. Where will your blog be in a year, five years, ten years? Is your content evergreen or is it going to dry up? Future proof your blog and know where you want to take it.

Spitting Out Content Too Quick

It’s understandable that when you start a blog you want to have content on it for readers to see but sometimes throwing out a load of content at the start can be the end of your blog. When you’re a new blogger you don’t have to post every day, obviously unless your keeping say a diary. Don’t be afraid to create a list of content you want to write and stagger it to weekly or fortnightly to begin with. Once you’re established as a blogger you will find that content comes to you in the form of sponsored work or guest posts.

You’re Not Seeing Instant Results

In most cases establishing a blog for an income takes time, you can’t buy your hosting, add a few posts, monetise it and expect to be earning £100’s within the first few weeks – it just doesn’t work like that. A lot of blogs don’t make it passed a year because they’re not earning anywhere near what they had hoped but it often takes a year to get noticed. Expect to earn back your hosting costs in the first year, any more is a bonus.

You Didn’t Realise the Work Involved

Unfortunately, you don’t just write your posts and they just get seen. For people to find your posts they either need to be picked up by search engines such as Google which requires the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to be perfect with the post containing images with alt tags, keywords, links etc or you need to tell the world about your posts. If you are expecting to earn from a blog you need to treat it like a job, the more time and effort you put in the more you will see come out.

This means building a social media following, co-operating with other bloggers, visiting events and looking for people/PRs to work with.

You Got Bored

Plain and simple, you picked a niche that wasn’t for you or a subject you don’t really care about. If you’re starting a blog, then you need to make sure you have an interest in what you are writing about and not just what you think will be the easiest to earn you money. If your subject matter doesn’t interest, you then you’ll just get bored and stop.

If any of these reasons are ringing true to you then you need to take a step back and think about how you can change this, especially if you really want to make a serious income from blogging

16 thoughts on “5 reasons why you keep quitting blogging!”

  1. It amazes me the amount of people that think a blog is an easy way to make money and get ‘free’ products. They don’t see the amount of work and effort that goes into it and for that I can see why some people give up x

  2. Blogging is a huge amount of work – I think most people really don’t realise that when they start out…it takes serious commitment! It’s useful to have frequent blogging breaks e.g. over Christmas to avoid burn out.

  3. Blogging can be great fun but to write a great article is a skill and not an easy thing to do. Then you have to take photos, edit them, and promote on social media.

  4. Getting bored is a common reason why lots of bloggers pull in the blog. I’ve been blogging on and off for the past 15 years and while yes, I’ve abandoned old blogs before, but mostly for personal reasons. My current blog is 5-years-old, I’ll be lying if I don’t admit I’ve thought of quitting. I tend to go on a blogging-break when the temptation is too much 😉

  5. Great post. All of these thing have happen to me. I think I need a medal at sticking to blogging for 6 years and writing posts almost everyday 🙂 I am looking forward to having a break this year over Christmas and coming up with some fresh new content for next year.

  6. Blogging is a tough gig, if I’d have realised how long it takes to get established I might not have started. Lots to think about here for new bloggers

  7. I’ve found it hard at tie especially having to kids when they are off for schools holidays I always have to make sure I’ve got my post wrote out ready cause can’t get nothing done when they are at home which is why I hardly had anything up over summer holidays

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