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Totally Blogging – A Totally Free Online Blogging Course

Totally Blogging - Free online blogging course

A Totally Free Online Blogging Course

Blogging can be quite a tricky game to understand when you are just starting out and it’s because of this that we have created an entire 40+ section online course for you to learn everything from setting up your social media and promoting your posts to getting the most out of affiliate marketing.

Everything on here is provided 100% FREE of charge! You don’t need to pay anything to access the modules nor do you have to ‘hand over your email address’ as a lot of other sites do. Totally Blogging is Totally FREE!

The course material is divided up into 4 different sections so you can bounce to any subject you fancy you don’t need to work through the content in any particular order.

You can navigate through the different sections either via the Menu for ‘Totally Blogging’ above or by using the links below and make sure you let me know what you think of all the content in the comments section below and if there are other sections you would like to be covered in this free online blogging course then please let me know so I can add them!

Blogging 101
Beginner Bloggers Toolkit
How to set up your blog in 5 steps
How to make a GREAT blog post title
Blog Name Ideas – Don’t fall into the same trap as everyone else!
Why Trust is so important as a blogger
How to keep your focus when Blogging
Why you will probably quit blogging
Use Webfluential to create a free dynamic media kit for your blog
Newsletter Provider Review: SendInBlue
Newsletter Provider Review: MailChimp
How to fix a hacked WordPress blog
How to install an SSL Certificate on your blog
Free Blog Hosting or Paid Blog Hosting
How to get your Blog noticed more!
How to get your blog posts to rank better in Google
Creating unique content for your blog
How to Manage Your Mental Health as a Blogger
Earn From Your blog
How to earn money from your blog with Skimlinks
How to earn money from your blog with Monetise
How to earn money from your blog with contextual ads
How to earn money from your blog with Awin
How to find and apply for Sponsored Blog Post opportunities.
How to earn money from your blog
Affiliate Marketing in the UK
How to earn money from your blog with Google Adsense
How to earn money from your blog with Amazon Associates
How to deal with late payments as a blogger
How to send a pitch email as a blogger
Everything you need to do with HMRC as a Blogger
Top 5 reasons why no one is clicking on the affiliate links on your blog
Social Media
Social Media Tools Scheduler: Hootsuite
Social Media Tools Scheduler: Tailwind
Social Media Tools Scheduler: Buffer
Social Media Tools Scheduler : SocialOomph
Creating a YouTube channel for your Blog
Creating a Pinterest account for your Blog
Creating an ​Instagram page for your Blog
Creating a Facebook Page for your Blog
Creating a Twitter account for your Blog
Hosting Review: HostPresto
Hosting Review: SiteGround
Hosting Review: TSOHost
Hosting Review: GURU Cloud Hosting

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