Creating a Pinterest account for your Blog

Creating a Pinterest Account for your blog

Running a blog can be hard work, and if you’re wanting to reach out to more people then you might feel the pressure of expanding out into social media. You may have put it off this far because you aren’t sure where to start, or whether you have the time to keep it up.

Well the good news for you is that social media accounts are really easy to maintain once they’re up and running, and sites like Pinterest are perfect for those who want to reach out to a wider audience, but don’t have loads of time to dedicate to it. Read on for a guide on setting up a Pinterest account and how to run it once it’s set up.

Creating a Pinterest Account

creating a pinterest account
  • Creating an account is super easy. Go to the Pinterest home page and you’ll be asked straight away to create an account. If you already have a Google account or Facebook account linked to your blog then you can just log in through there. If not it’s really easy.
  • Type in your full name, choose a username and provide an email so that Pinterest can contact you if necessary.
  • If you’ve chosen to log in via another platform (Google or Facebook), then your profile picture will be automatically generated based on your pictures for your other accounts. But you can change it!
  • If you’ve logged in from scratch then you will need to choose a picture. If you have a logo then this is the perfect place to put it as it’s one of the first things that people will see.

From here you will need to choose your topics of interests. This allows Pinterest to make suggestions of who you should follow. Following people is a great way to reach out to more people, as the more people you follow, the more will follow you.

Creating a Board

Creating a Pinterest Board

Probably the most important thing about Pinterest is creating your own boards. These can be anything from ‘things I love’ to ‘books I want to read’ and ‘recipes to try’. Remember that the boards you create should be relevant to the topic of your blog. If you run a blog that deals exclusively in reviewing movies, then people aren’t going to be interested in styles you’ve picked out for your next DIY project. Keeping it relevant will help to build your brand and keep it in line with what you’re creating.

Updating your Pinterest Board

Updating your Pinterest Board

On your blog, you will want to create a link to Pinterest. This helps people to navigate between the two accounts easily and associate the two sites together. You can also write a short blog post about how you’ve ventured out into the world of Pinterest which will help get people excited about it. Obviously that is up to you though. Once you’ve done this, you can start finding people of your own to connect with. Search for terms which are relevant to your brand and follow people who have boards and sites similar to your own. That way you are likely to reach out to their fan base too which will be people with the same interests.

You can follow individual boards, or you can follow people or you can even like an individual post. The choice is yours. But, with all social media sites – the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. So get out there and start pinning!

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