How to earn money from your blog with Awin

Earn Money With Awin

AWIN is an affiliate marketing website which many people who run personal blogs use that can provide you with some very lucrative text links/banners to use in your content to earn you some serious money!

How to earn money with Awin

Much like other affiliate networks once you’ve signed up you are free to apply for any of their programmes (of which there are over 1000+) and they have a LOT of well known high street brands so are a fantastic network to join up to. With that all said, let’s take you through the sign-up process to get your account up and running!

Step 1: Create your account! 

Awin Choose Promotion Type

Head on over to AWIN and create an account. As with most websites of this ilk, the bulk of the login process is very easy to do however the one question that seems to stump people is where you have to select your promotion type. As a blogger, we would choose the top option but if you happen to have found this page and are running something else such as just a newsletter or you are looking to only promote AWIN links via Social Media there are options to select for those as well. 

Awin Promotion Details

The final part of the account creation process is the very import ‘Promotion Details’ page. Here you can write a small description of your site that will come back into play when you apply to a particular programme. Make sure you use this section to make it clear what your blog is about in a way that anyone can understand it! 

Awin Verification

One thing to note is that when you join AWIN you will need to pay a £5 fee to join. Obviously, this is dwarfed by how much you will earn from using them as an affiliate network. Even though it says it is payable by a credit card it will take a UK debit card perfectly fine.

Step 2: Apply for some programmes

Awin Advertisers

Once your account has been created you can click through to ‘Join a Programme’ and use the Awin search engine where you will be presented with an unbelievable list. Once you’ve selected one you would like to join and use in an upcoming blog post or more likely, existing content you already have on your site make sure you click on the little ‘picture’ icon by each one to take a look at the visuals.

Awin Advertiser Details

Visuals can be anything from banners you can use on your blog which users would simply click on and earn you money each time they buy something / sign up etc though to text links you could use on your blog newsletter. I always like to take a look at them to see if the layout of them isn’t too garish and will fit well with the rest of your blog.

Step 3: APPLY!

Once you are happy with the advertiser and the potential visuals they will throw at your it’s time for you to click on Apply which you will see on the left-hand side of the screen.

Awin Promotion Details

You need to think of this as your chance to ‘pitch’. To give you an example say I was pitching to TopShop. I would say ‘I’m looking to do an upcoming blog post about Summer trends on my fashion blog and want to include some of the items from your online store which I think are a great match for this post’

Once you hit Join it’s usually a working day or two until you receive a reply saying if you have been accepted or not.

Awin Advertiser Performance

Don’t feel disheartened if you do get rejected for a programme. There are plenty of other ones to choose from that you might not have even thought of!

You also need to make a decision about if you want to go after programmes that pay more but rely on a purchase being made by the user or ones that pay less but just need someone to click through and make an account. A good example of this is TopCashBack who have their affiliate programme on AWIN. They pay 50p per sign up but no purchase needs to be made for you to get this money. So if you can funnel 50 customers a month through to them that’s an extra £25 a month you can earn passively which as you can see from the earning report below can be a very nice way to earn money from your existing blog content.

Now it’s simply a case of entering the Awin links into your content and then waiting for the clicks. As always the great thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s all about your content and not about your WordPress theme. If you are lucky and you sign up before you start your blog then once you install WordPress you can start inserting your links right away. Also, don’t forget if you run a mailing list that you can insert your affiliate links into the content you send out to readers!

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