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Once you have had your blog up and running for a while you may wish to have a way you can keep in contact with your readers in another way than just putting up a blog post.

There are plenty of plugins available for WordPress that you can use to collect your reader’s email addresses and then your newsletter can be used for everything from informing readers of up and coming promotions you might be running to asking them to fill in a survey about your site so you can see what areas to improve.

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Another big advantage of newsletters is that you can, of course, use them to promote your affiliate links as they are a great way to connect with your readers outside of your blog posts so you can earn from their loyalty to your blog.

Some of the impressive features that SendInBlue offers include:

  •  Marketing Automation : This feature enables you to send targeted e-mails based on a contact’s activity on their website or email engagement behavior. Send less email, and be more accurate for a guaranteed in engagement. 
  •  Email Heatmap : This feature allows you to see where your contacts click most, and optimize their email copy and layout to get better responses 
  •  Dynamic list : Users can create lists that are automatically updated every 24 hours based on a set of pre-determined filters.
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SendInBlue are a company that offers the ability to for you create a newsletter via their easy to use ‘Drag & Drop’ system so you can concentrate more on the content than the design.

Send In Blue Plans

As you can see SendInBlue offer everything from a completely free package offering the ability to send 300 emails a day to your readers all the way up to £23 a month to send 60,000 emails a month. For many people just starting out on their blogging journey, the Free Tier will be enough as they learn to get the most from the site.

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Importing your list of contacts is extremely easy to do an easy to use ‘one-click solution’ to upload your list of contacts. As you send out more and more newsletters it is common for people to unsubscribe which as they do will SendInBlue will take note and automatically make sure they don’t receive another newsletter from you even if you accidentally re-import them again.

Send In Blue import contacts

Worry not if you are not the most creative of people as SendInBlue comes with a whole raft of templates you can edit and use. I find these great for when you want to send more general ones with a bit of a personal twist such as annual holidays. They really can be a huge time saver in the long run so don’t discount their use.

Send In Blue insert element

Alternatively, once you decide to make your first newsletter you will see a layout much like the one above which is a true drag and drop interface. You can upload images from elsewhere to use and insert into them into your content with ease and move around the segments of your newsletter at will. Everything that you create on SendInBlue no matter if it is with a template or made entirely by your own hands is responsive so it doesn’t matter which device your readers read your newsletter it will display in an appropriate fashion.

I usually find the best newsletters are those that have a real mixture of content from exclusive news they might not know to a reminder about some long forgotten blog posts you wrote. People have to WANT to read it so you need to offer them something more than they would get just by remembering to visit your blog.

Send In Blue open rate

Once your newsletter goes out the reporting section will be your friend. Here you can see live reports of who is opening your email and what they are clicking on. It really helps you identify the sort of content your readers want in the long term and hopefully push that Open Rate up as without doubt that is the most important metric because if the readers aren’t opening your newsletter it won’t matter how good the content is.

Ultimately SendInBlue offers a fantastic service to provide your followers with interesting, well-designed newsletters and their subscription costs really don’t break the bank so I would recommend any blogger who is starting out at the very least give their free tier membership a try.

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