How to earn money from your blog with Monetise

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Monetise is a UK based affiliate network that any blogger is free to join. Much like any other affiliate networks, it’s just a case of signing up to them and then choose with of their products of services you wish to promote and as your readers click on the links or banners you will earn money each time.

Due to the fact they are based in the UK I do feel they have a bit more of a ‘personal’ touch which I will get onto later but for now, let’s show you how to gets signed up and earning from them.

Step 1: Get Signed up

Head on over to the Monetise website and sign up as a Publisher. Here you will be asked to put in some details about yourself, your blog and of course the all-important payment details so that you can get paid as you go about earning money through them.

Monetise publisher sign up

As you can see payment is made via BACS which is of great advantage as it means the money goes straight into your bank account instead of PayPal and possibly having to occur fees for the transaction.

Once you’ve filled it in you won’t get access to their system straight away. Instead, you will be sent some initial details via email and they will then give you a call on the telephone number provided.

This is part of the ‘personal touch’ that was mentioned earlier as when they give you a call they will have a quick chat about your blog and how you want to earn money through their affiliate network. It’s nothing scary, it’s just so that they can see if there are any great matches between your blog and a company who’s affiliate system they could give you access to straight away without you applying.

Soon after that, you will get an email with your login details for the site but the personal touch doesn’t end there as they will keep in touch with your over Skype.

Monetise - Skype Chat

Step 2: Searching for Offers

Monetise have a very easy to use ‘back office’ system where you are presented with a great selection of ‘offers of the month’. These could maybe be new customers for them or ones where the offer has been increased and could be a great earner for you.

You are also presented with a snapshot of top offer on the right-hand side that give you easy access to clicking through and apply for them.

If you are like me though and you like to browse a little before signing up then simply click on the Offers section from the Dashboard and you will have the ability to browse through them all at your leisure.

monetise CPAs

As you can see above there are some fantastically high paying affiliates that you can sign up to and incorporate into either new blog posts or existing ones with ease. The screenshot above only shows ones that pay you for signups but Monetise also offer Revenue Share offers as well where you would continue to earn money for as long as the person who clicked through on your site is signed up and is a customer of whichever company it is.

Step 3: Get Applying!

Applying is a very simple process compared to the likes of AWIN which can at times be quite a lengthy process.

Once you’ve decided on an offer you wish to promote simply click on it and you will be presented with a box like below.

monetise advertiser welcome bonus

Here we are able to choose how we wish to promote that particular offer so that could be though Text Links, Graphical Banners or Social Media and then can write some text about how we would promote it.

Once you hit submit you are then given access to all the creative tools you could possibly need to promote it!

monetise advertiser details

Each ‘Offer’ will give you a multitude of tools to advertise. Pre-made banners, easy to use direct links or email links you could put into your blog newsletter. It is also explained to you how you are allowed to use the media. So in the example, above it’s clearly laid out where this offer can be advertised and how.

monetise advertiser units

If you take a look in the creative tab you will see you don’t even have a lift a finger when it comes to making banners for any of these companies as all this has been taken care of. You simply decide which size banner you want and download it. Then just upload it to your blog whenever you want to use it and use the URL you find when you click ‘Get Link’ and you will easily push your readers through to the promoted offer.

monetise performance

As you can see above the earning potential as with every other affiliate network is limitless. It just all comes down to matching the right offers to the right blog content and then thinking about how to be creative when it comes to applying it.

What do you think?

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