How to find and apply for Sponsored Blog Post opportunities.

find paid sponsored blog posts

Whether you want to blog to create a full-time income or just earn yourself a little extra money sponsored posts is an area you should explore. Sponsored posts are when companies pay you to include links to them within your post. This could be for advertisement purposes, to tell your readers about a specific product or website, or it could be to help companies boost their Google ranking and appear higher in search rankings. Sponsored posts can pay vast sums of money, and many bloggers make a full-time income just from sponsored posts and sponsored social media shares.

How to find and apply for Sponsored Blog Post opportunities

Now that you know a little more about sponsored posts you may be wondering where you can find opportunities for sponsored posts. There are a variety of websites that offer sponsored post opportunities, including The Blogger Programme, and Bloggers Required but today I want to share with you Facebook groups where you can find sponsored post opportunities:

Firstly there are general blogging groups which may have opportunities. These groups are typically open to all niches, bloggers using all hosts and all blogging packages.

General blogging groups open to most bloggers: 


UK Blogger Opportunities

Blogger Opportunity Group

Blogger Opportunities

Blogger Assignments & Opportunities

Then there are the more niche groups that allow you to find like-minded bloggers and opportunities that may be suitable for you, depending on the niche that you write about. Before joining these groups you may be asked where you found out about the group, what your niche is or where you blog. This is to allow the groups to stay pigeonholed to their set niches so that people within the groups can help one another to grow bigger and achieve more.

Here are some specific niche groups:

UK Parent Travel Bloggers – for parent bloggers in the UK who share posts related to family travel

UK Parent Blogger Opportunities – for parent bloggers based in the UK

Kid Blogger Network Blogger Opportunities – for people who blog about children’s craft activities, parenting and more

Look for local blogger groups, for example, Essex BloggersBedfordshire & Hertfordshire Bloggersor Cambridge Bloggers Coffee Club. While these groups are for specific counties if you’re within traveling distance often you’ll be permitted to enter such groups.

Then there are groups linked to specific blogging events, such as Blog On. These are typically secret groups and you’ll need to attend the conferences to be given access to these specialist opportunities groups. These often have opportunities such as paid reviews, sponsored posts and more, but buying a ticket to one of the events, and attending the event, is the way to get into these groups.

With regards to joining blogger groups, you may be asked to read a set of rules, answer a set of questions or even see a note in the description of the group to email someone. This feels like a hassle at the time but it is worth spending a few minutes making the effort, as these groups can yield very lucrative opportunities.

Some groups are secret groups so ask your blogger friends if they have any groups that they can invite you into.

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