Creating an ​Instagram page for your Blog

Creating an Instagram Page

Social media is a big deal these days, and if you’re not on some form of social media you will find it hard to connect with wider audiences. This is fine if you’re not interested in reaching out to people across the world, but if you run your own blog then you will need to consider how to reach more people and get them interested in your site.

Instagram is a great site because it’s simple and easy to use. If your blog relies heavily on images and photos then this is a great tool to help promote your blog on another site and get more people visiting your blog. Read on for a step by step guide on how to actually create your Instagram account, and how to run it successfully so that people will follow you.

Creating an Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram Account

Open up the Instagram homepage. You will then be asked to create an account. You will need to choose an account name (usually your first and last name will do – although you may want to choose your blog name. It depends how much you want to share with your audience). You will also be asked to provide a username. It’s normally best to go with the name of your blog as your username, that way people will be able to link the two together.

There will also be a bit where you get to describe yourself. Don’t go too overboard, you still want people to read it! Be concise, get to the point and don’t be afraid of an emoji or two – this is the social media platform for pictures after all!

Once you’ve set up your account, you can get started on following people. Instagram will automatically recommend people based on your contacts, whether you follow these people is up to you. You can also search for hashtags and people and follow these. The more people you follow, the more who will follow you. And the more you’ll see content which is relevant to you. Following hashtags is a great way to find more people that have the same interests and ideas as you.

Sorting out Instagram Filters


Speaking of hashtags – you will need to make sure you are using them in all of your posts. Hashtags are how people find things they’re interested in. Try to use a solid base of 3-4 hashtags every time you post, so people will come to recognise your brand with certain hashtags and you will have an Instagram growth hack before you know it. Try to keep the hashtags legible, understandable and relevant. This allows people to read them and associate them with you and your brand.

Giving an Instagram Update

The Importance of Branding

Everything you post needs to also fit with your brand and the topic that’s associated with your blog. In your description, you should put a link to your blog so people who find you via Instagram can go to your blog. On your blog home page you should also put a link to your social media pages, including your Instagram. Providing a link between the two will help people associate the two brands and help them make the link between the blog and your Instagram account. All the pictures and posts that you put on Instagram should be relevant to your blog, so make sure you’re keeping on topic in order to not confuse people.

If you follow these rules then you will be all set with creating and running your own Instagram page. Now go out there and have fun.

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