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TSOHost have been around in one form or another for a great number of years. As part of the GoDaddy group of hosting companies, they have also recently had Vidahost customers migrate over to them making TSOHost quite a powerhouse when it comes to hosting in the UK both in terms of infrastructure and customer numbers.

One of the major selling points for TSOHost is their £1 domain offer. This ONLY applies to ones that end with a .UK ending so we are talking about the likes of .uk,, and – .com domains are around £9.99 + VAT for 1 year of hosting but as always you are free to grab a domain with TSOHost if you find it to be the cheapest and then port of over to your existing hosting provider.

TSOHost offer a huge selection of hosting and domain solutions covering every price point needed from the beginner blogger who just wants a domain and somewhere to host their WordPress blog through to people who run multiple sites and want quick speeds via a VPS.

TSOHost Packages

One thing worth mentioning is that TSOHost offers a ‘WordPress Hosting’ package which starts from only £1.34+VAT a month. This price includes migration from your current hosting provider if needed however there are limits on the number of ‘page views’ a month they let through so make sure you fully check the limits on each package before signing up.

I would say they are maybe ideal for the beginner blogger who just wants to dip their toe into the water but for someone with an established site who is more than likely going to blast through 25,000 views a month, they need to be careful on which package they choose. The space limits are also quite low with the £1.34 a month package only giving you a 500mb space allocation which you will end up going through far more easier than you think if you are hosting HDR photos take on a camera for your blog.

Just like other hosting providers TSOHost give you the option of installing a LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate on your blog FREE OF CHARGE.

Once you’ve decided on which plan you want, signing up is extremely easy and is just a few clicks away as you enter your card details and create an account with them. Your dashboard once you have logged in looks the same as any other UK Hosting companies ones with easy to access sections you can use to configure your hosting and domain settings.

TSOHost Softaculous

Installing WordPress is once again done via cPanel and then using Softaculous to one-click install so there are no problems there so you should be up and running with your blog in no time. Creating mailboxes is done in similar style via cPanel so creating email addresses for your blog won’t be a problem.

TSOHost Live Chat

Customer support comes via email, telephone and live chat. As you can see above sometimes there can be a bit of a wait to speak to someone but whenever I have used them they have always been able to resolve my issues.

One thing I do need to mention is that TSOHost websites can seem somewhat slower to load when compared to the likes of Hostpresto or SiteGround. This is due to the sheer number of sites that TSOHost service and while the speeds might be OK for 99% of bloggers it is something I have noticed when using them and sadly their only recommendation has been to move up a tier to their VPS offering which comes at quite a substantial cost.

This is a case of ‘you can’t have everything!’ TSOHost offer some of the cheapest prices around when it comes to running your blog but all those hundreds of thousands of sites all being hosted on the same cloud servers sadly does have a knock-on effect in terms of speeds however like I’ve mentioned above it doesn’t bother everyone so it may not even be an issue for you.

TSOHost Managing Domains

When renewal time comes around for your hosting and domains TSOHost will email you with plenty of time giving you the various renewal options available. One tip is to go on Live Chat and speak to them if you aren’t happy about the costs being quoted to you. In the past, I’ve been able to negotiate with them to get the cost down so it’s always worth taking 10 minutes to speak to them to see if you can get the price down if you are happy to stay with them.

All in all, I would say TSOHost is a fantastic hosting company for any beginner blogger to use however as your site grows you may find you outgrow the package you signed up to and so you can end up spending more money than you originally planned in the long run.

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