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siteground hosting

SiteGround is a slowly growing into a leading hosting provider. They provide not only a superior product but first-class customer service from start to finish. They offer a range of services from shared hosting to website transfer.

Getting Started with SiteGround

Whether you’re a website building guru or a complete novice, SiteGround is there to help. If you need help from start to finish you can just jump on to live chat and they’ll guide you through everything you need to know.

If you know what you’re doing then the process is super quick, and their account dashboard is clean and easy to use.

Hosting Costs

SiteGround offers a three different hosting option, to meet different requirements and budgets. Within these options they also offer different levels of service.

Web Hosting

This is the cheapest of the options available and for most smaller sites, such as blogs, this will be the service you choose.

Web hosting is a shared hosting service where multiple customers are hosted on the same server. They offer different levels of web space, number of hosted websites and are usually suitable for smaller numbers of visitors per month.

Cloud Hosting

This is where things start to get expensive but you are being hosted on your own private cloud server.

Cloud hosting is a little more customisable than web hosting too, so if you need to upgrade certain parts of your package then you can without having to upgrade it all.

Prices start at £48 per month (excluding VAT) and you also have the ability to create a package that is right for your needs

siteground price points

Enterprise Hosting

This is the top tier of hosting and at this level, SiteGround will build a package to your needs as well as completely manage it for you.

Domain Name

You can also purchase your domain name directly through SiteGround which is useful if you like to keep all of your services in the same place. If another provider is supplying your domain name you can transfer it over to SiteGround (at an additional cost).

You’ve Bought Your Hosting, What Now?

After selecting the hosting package you want you can then head to your account. Here you can install any tools you want such as WordPress or if you’ve transferred your original site over, you can manage it from here.

siteground price points

Setting up and accessing your domain specific emails can also be done via the cPanel, as well as accessing your website files – which isn’t recommended unless you know what you’re doing. Customer services will be happy to help you with any part of that.

You can also add on additional services such as upgrading your package, contact support and make alterations to your billing via your account section on the website.

siteground packages

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your website at any time, such as a sudden increase in traffic then you can do it under the additional services tab, or via live chat. Even if you only need the increase for one month, for example, December is busy for your site, then you can up the package for one month only then drop it again.

You can also switch between web hosting and cloud hosting.

Again, if there is anything that you don’t understand or aren’t sure about then go to the live chat and the extremely helpful staff will assist you.

Why Choose SiteGround

SiteGround are not the cheapest hosting company on the market but you do get what you pay for when it comes to hosting providers.

In many cases users who switch to SiteGround notice a considerable improvement in the speed and operation of their website.

Their customer service is second to none. There is never a question or problem too complex for their team. If the live chat member you speak to can’t answer it then they’ll pass you on to the right department via the ticketing system so you don’t need to hang around waiting. They keep you updated and let you know when your question or problem has been solved.

Their website and user areas are easy to use, clean and modern feeling. Navigation is flawless on mobile and their cPanel is clear for the user.

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