How to Manage Your Mental Health as a Blogger

Mental Health as a Blogger

The link between your mental health and being a blogger is actually far closer than you may think. Today we have a guest post from something who really understands that relationship and how it can impact us as we work from home.

Hello! I’m Chloe, a blogger who writes at Chloe Elizabeth about all things fashion, lifestyle and mental health.  It’s a pleasure to be writing on The Money Shed today, and I think it’s vital to post about be how to manage your mental health as a blogger. Managing mental health can be really difficult in itself, but having the additional pressures of being a blogger can sometimes make things feel really tough. 

Remember the Power of Social Media

My first point is so simple – remember that social media is an incredibly powerful tool, both for good and for bad. I’ll actually break this down into three different points so that I can explore each one with you in a bit more depth. 

The first point of which is that social media is where people post what they are doing. Not what they aren’t doing. This can be incredibly isolating if you feel like you don’t talk to others enough or go out often. But, the vital point here is that people rarely post about the endless days that they spend at home, relaxing and doing admin, and so on. Social media doesn’t give an accurate representation of those around you, so don’t take it to heart just because it feels like others are doing everything and you’re ‘doing nothing’. 

Another point I’d like to make is that you are more than entitled to remove somebody/block somebody from your social media if you don’t like what they have to say. I know that some people don’t like to block others because they may feel silly but it really isn’t. For example, I don’t like to block others but I am quite sensitive; when I see others arguing on my timeline it gives me really negative feelings, and so if it seems to be a repeated occurrence then I will unfollow them, and if necessary block them. Of course, if you don’t think it affects you then of course, you needn’t unfollow people, but it’s a suggestion! Sometimes I’ll prefer to just take a day or two completely free of social media so that I am able to distance myself from intense arguments on social media. 

Of course, social media does have positive points too. Social media is the one place where you can meet those who may experience similar to you and you can guarantee that there will always be somebody to confide in when you need a chat. If you do ever need a chat, then feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or Instagram. I’m sure there are’ many other bloggers that will do the same! 

Stop Comparing Yourself and Share the Love

My next point comes from my most recent blog post; How to feel successful as a blogger. And it’s to stop comparing yourself! One persons’ blog is going to be completely different from yours, as you have different interests and experiences in life. Also, some people will have been building up their blogs for a much longer time than you and so they’ve had longer to work on their content. Be proud of your own blog as if it were your baby! It’s really important that you just enjoy what you do, and to an extent, you need to go along for the journey. 

Bloggers should be friends, not competitors and so if you really want to find out how somebody did something really cool on their blog – why not ask them? I love sharing my friends’ new posts and I really hope that they enjoy doing the same for me too; I know that I really appreciate it when I do.

Stop Putting the Pressure On And Have Realistic Expectations

It’s all very well saying that we want to grow our blogs and unlock our full potential. Of course we do! But it’s of huge importance that we are realistic with these goals and don’t just jump into them. Unless you happen to come up with something viral, it’s unlikely that you’re ever going to gain 20,000 followers in a month! At the end of the day, readers are readers – even if you only have ten readers, then that’s’ ten people who genuinely enjoy reading your content and you should be proud of that. Let the traffic grow organically, as people realise how amazing you are! As always if you feel things are getting too much then counselling services such as are available.

Do you blog? If so, what are your suggestions for looking after your mental health? I would love to hear the strategies that you use!

Mental Health as a Blogger

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