Which is better? Subscriptions or buying the media outright? 

Which is better? Subscriptions or buying the media outright? 

There was a time when owning videos and, later, DVDs were a mark of any true movie or TV lover. Hundreds of DVDs and video used to line living room walls – from blockbuster movies to TV series. If you ever wanted to binge watch a series then you had to own the whole boxset. The same was also true of music. You had to buy the physical albums if you wanted to listen to it all. 

Then came along subscription services like Netflix, NowTV and Prime Video which meant you no longer had to buy all the DVDs. For music you also have things like Apple Music, Google Music and Spotify. The way that these services work is that you pay a monthly or yearly subscription cost and you have access to all the films/TV shows and music that are available on your chosen platform. This means that you can access films and music instantly and from multiple devices. You can watch or listen to what you want on your TV, tablet, smartphone or computer. 

Obviously, there is a natural benefit to using subscriptions services over buying the media. You can access the films/shows/music whenever you want, without having to wait until you get to a shop to buy them. You can also watch things on the go – while commuting or traveling – something you can’t do with physical copies of films or music. You don’t have to worry about your DVDs or CDs taking up space in your home. 

There is also the benefit of being able to pause and resume a series or film if you don’t watch it the whole way through. You don’t have to remember what episode you got up to, or start from the beginning if you fall asleep. However, there are some downsides to subscription services. 

When you buy a physical copy of a film, TV show or album you will own it for as long as you want it. If you subscribe to an on-demand service then you can only have access to what they put on their platform. These services also can remove shows and films as they wish. So if you’re in the middle of watching something and they remove it then you won’t be able to finish watching it. It is worth noting that this doesn’t happen too often and they usually give you notice. But it does mean that you don’t ever own it outright. 

There is also the downside of having to keep track of your subscriptions and manage them. Because so many things are available on monthly payments it can be hard to keep track of all the payments you are making each month. This is one of the reasons that people choose not to subscribe to services like Netflix, NowTV and Spotify. They don’t want to add yet another payment to the ever-extending list of things they’re paying for monthly. 

But with companies like MPP Global you can keep track of your monthly subscriptions. They have specialist subscription management software which keeps track of the entire billing lifecycle for a subscription. You can create subscription packages and payment schedules which makes life easier not just for you, but for your clients. They won’t have to worry about their subscriptions and neither will you – MPP Global will do the work for you. They already manage the subscriptions and billings for NowTV and SkyGo – amongst others. So why not let them take the hassle out of billing for you? 

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