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MailChimp provides you with marketing automation by allowing you to create, customise and send emails to your mailing list. Helping you to advertise and build your brand, drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

Getting Started

It’s quick and easy to get started with MailChimp and with a variety of price plans, you can potentially use MailChimp for completely free.

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New Business

This price plan is completely free and will remain free forever as long as you have less than 2,000 subscribers on your mailing list and send less than 12,000 emails per month.

This plan includes all the basics you need for sending your subscribers marketing materials including sign up forms, layouts and automation.

Growing Business

If you’re needing a little more than what is offered from the free plan then you upgrade to the growing business packages.

This plan has a sliding pay scale so the more subscribers you need the higher the cost.

mailchimp plan limits

Pro Marketer

In addition to the packages above there is the option to upgrade once again with the Pro add-on. This is a one-off fee in addition to the monthly cost and comes with other perks such as targeting marketing, predicted demographics and sophisticated reporting.

What Can You Do With MailChimp?

The sky is the limit when it comes to marketing with MailChimp. You can send everything from a one-off email to all of your subscribers to automated RSS feeds that deliver them new content from your website – such as blog posts.

With the ability to add multiple lists you can even narrow down which subscribers receive what content.

Welcome emails are simple to set up and mean you can direct them to useful pages on your site. You also have the ability to set up a series of emails which are sent out at timed intervals to new subscribers. These are great for courses that you might offer.

Creating a Campaign

Building, designing and sending out an email or a campaign couldn’t be easier. You have the option to choose a pre-made template or to create your own. Adding your own branding, logos and content.

To get started you hit “Campaign” and create a new one. You can then choose who you are sending it to, which will be one of your subscriber lists, who it is from, the subject such as “March Newsletter” and then you can edit the content of the campaign.

mailchimp set up email

When you design the content, you are given lots of options including pre-made themes. You can then add and remove the sections you want. Include links, videos, social media buttons and your own branding.

mailchimp drag and drop design

Once the design work is done, you go through the finishing touches such as setting up your social media cards, should you want to use them (if you click the option to share the campaign on social media too), sending a test email if you want to see how it looks first and then you’re ready.

You can then select whether to send the campaign immediately or at a specific time.

Recurring Content

One great thing about MailChimp is the ability to set up a recurring campaign, these are great if you want to send out the same thing regularly such as a weekly RSS feed.

For example. If you publish blog posts multiple times a day, instead of your readers receiving an email every time a new post goes live, you can set up a campaign to send your readers a daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly RSS feed of all the new content on your site since the last email.

Monitoring Campaigns

Once a campaign has been sent out, you can then monitor the success of it via the MailChimp reports tab.

Here you can find out how many people have opened the email, how many clicks the email has had and which links, you can see if anyone has unsubscribed and why.

It can then be used as a tool for improving your campaigns. If you notice the link about cats is very popular then you can make sure future campaigns always have something about cats in them…as an example.

mailchimp open rate

In Conclusion

MailChimp is a very powerful marketing resource and a great way to reach readers/customers that is away from your site.

Regular, engaging campaigns can bring people to your website and keep them up to date with what is happening.

If you are a new blogger with a small subscriber list then MailChimp is perfect for you as it is free until you hit 2,000 subscribers or you’re sending out a lot of emails a month.

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