Creating a YouTube channel for your Blog

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How to create and run a YouTube account for your blog

If you run a blog, the chances are that you will have heard of the benefits of creating an account on another social media platform. The benefits are huge, with the main one being that you can reach out to thousands of people that you would not reach otherwise.

One of the best social platforms to expand into is YouTube. The world’s largest video site, it has so many visitors a day that your chances of branching out into a new audience is much better than just sticking to your blog. However, you may be worried about setting up and running such an account as the task can seem quite daunting. Well fear not, we are here to help with a step by step guide to creating and getting started with running your own YouTube account.

  • Create the account
  • Sign into YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right side of the screen.
  • Click the gear icon (Creator Studio) to find your way into your account settings.
  • Click create a new channel.
  • From here you’ll have some options about what kind of channel you are creating. For setting up an account for your blog you’ll want to choose ‘business’.
  • Once you have done this all you need to do is add in your blog’s name.
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After you have done this, you’ll want to fill in the ‘about’ section. Obviously, how much information you share is up to you but people like to know a little bit about the channel they’re watching or subscribing to. Keep it short and sweet – a simple description of your blog and what it’s all about. Preferably put a link to your blog here – that way people can check out the main site and learn a bit more about you.

On any YouTube channel, there is a massive banner displaying the channel name. It essentially welcomes people into your channel and encourages them to have a look around. If you already have an established brand name and logo then the smartest thing to do is to put that here. That way you will be instantly recognisable and people will know who you are. Also remember to keep your colour schemes and layouts similar to that on your blog, so they look like they could be a part of the same site instead of two separate sites. Consistency is key and will make you appear more professional and trustworthy.

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From here, you just need to provide content. Ensure that all the content you post is relevant to your blog and your brand, and don’t just post things for the sake of posting things. Because YouTube is a video site, you may want to consider how this will factor into your blogs. Perhaps you run a cooking blog, so you might want to feature some videos of you cooking your favourite recipes. If you run a reviewing blog, you could create a video where you review different things. People like videos and they’re becoming more and more popular as a way of interacting with your audience.

Last but definitely not least, make sure you ask people to subscribe at the end of every video. The more subscribers you get, the more you’ll be featured in other playlists and subsequently reach out to more people. You can even create in-video links that will take people to the subscribe page – meaning they get to stay up to date with everything you’re doing on your page.

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