How to earn money from your blog with Amazon Associates

How to earn money from your blog with Amazon Associates

Now that you’ve got your website up and running you may find yourself wondering about how to make money from affiliate marketing. Amazon Associates is the affiliate marketing programme for Amazon websites around the World. Here is a rundown of how to join the programme and begin inserting links into your post to make yourself money.

How to join Amazon Associates

Visit the UK Amazon Associates website and hit ‘Join Now For Free’. You will then be prompted to sign in to your account. Once you have done this you will see a page to help you create your Amazon Associates account.

You will be asked to provide details, including your billing address and to where you want your payments sent. Amazon can pay you when your account hits £25 and they run approximately 60 days in arrears, to allow time for people to return or exchange items.

Once you have signed up and completed your billing information Amazon will ask you for details of your domains. List all of the domains and/or mobile apps that you will display banners, widgets, special links or others ads from Amazon Associates on. Once you’ve submitted these details you will have to wait for Amazon to approve your website to join their affiliate programme. Do note that if you do not make ANY referrals to Amazon within 180 days that your account will be closed, but you can later re-open it.

How to use Amazon Associates once signed up 

Once you have received your email to confirm that your account has been accepted it is really straight-forward to add links to your website.

Sign in to the website, after signing in to the UK Amazon Associates website and you will be able to retrieve links with ease.

Visit the product page of any product or service that you want to link to. Then at the top, you will see the Amazon Associates SiteStripe bar.

Amazon Associates get link

This will allow you to get text links, text & image links or image links. You can find the HTML code to place into your blog post, or the text link to share on your social media channels. There is even an option to directly share on Facebook or Twitter from the Amazon page.

Amazon Associates Products

This is a preview of what the text and image coding will look like. You can choose to have multiple items next to each other or you can have one shop now button per line. Not only does this coding let your readers see the item but there is a button to click to ‘Shop Now’ and go straight to the Amazon website.

Tips for converting readers to shoppers

Now that you know how to join Amazon Associates, and add links and images to your blog posts, here are a few tips to help you convert your readers:

Consider using a third-party tool, such as EasyAzon. This will convert your Amazon links to a link for your readers home country. Also, you can search for the links without visiting the Amazon website.

Link to products that you use personally. Give your readers your own insight into the specific products you’re linking to.

Have a page on your website where you link back to items that you use personally and love. This could be kitchen gadgets, books, stationery or just about anything. Once your readers become loyal they will love to learn more about you and perhaps make you a little affiliate commission too.

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