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If you’re looking to achieve World domination with Pinterest, or even just to gain some social traffic, then I’m going to share with you today a guide to help you use Tailwind effectively and efficiently! 

Firstly – visit the Tailwind website! Sign up for an account. Sync Google Analytics and set up your profile completely. Before you begin pinning there are a few steps that you will ideally complete.  

Tailwind create an account

Once you have done that check out the information that is available on the Tailwind dashboard. Here you can see information as to how you can make your account better, improve boards, which boards need more pins added to them, descriptions and more. You can also see your most repinned boards, the number of domain pins and repins that you have received. This information is really useful in the longer-term to help you find the most popular pins, to hopefully keep replicating that success. Also, you can see if there is a theme between your most popular pins and therefore create content around this category or niche.

Tailwind Menus

Once your account is up and running, and your profile is up to date, you want to create a schedule for pinning. If your Pinterest account is brand new then the times are not going to necessarily match up to your best times in the long run. Pop back monthly to make any changes to your schedule, at least. Tailwind will help you to set the best times for the highest engagement. These times may seem super late, or early, based on UK time, but remember that you’re catering to more than just UK audiences on Pinterest, and you’re likely to receive frequent traffic from the US, and multiple other countries too. 

Tailwind Insights

If you’re looking for more insight into your pins then check out the insights tab. The pin inspector is very helpful at helping you find your most popular pins, and perhaps finding out a little more information about why a specific pin has skyrocketed your views or clickthroughs. 

Tailwind find a tribe

Also, before worrying about pinning, you want to join a tribe. To find a tribe you can either search for a keyword or look through the specific categories. 

Tailwind type a board name

You can see an activity graph showing you how busy each tribe is, to help you make the decision about which tribe to join. When you join each tribe ensure that you read the rules, and keep yourself updated on those regularly. Some tribes will require you to schedule 1 pin from other people, for every 1 of your own that you add to the group. Some tribes have a ratio of 1 pin of yours to 2 of other people. This is to try and boost the popularity and reach of a tribe. 

Now that you’ve completed the above you’re reading to start scheduling pins with Tailwind! The hard part is basically over already! Add the Tailwind browser add-on. Once you’ve done this you can schedule pins from anywhere on the web with ease. 

If you visit a website, that has pins, and you want to schedule one or more pins just hit the browser add-on button and then you can choose from all available boards and add the pin to your queue. You can also set an interval. If you’re going to be pinning 20-30 times a day (a good guide) then you can set your intervals to just a few hours, or maybe every day or so for more long-term pins, and this is when that pin will join your scheduling queue. It is good to use intervals as you can have a great ratio of your own pins to others. A good ratio to aim for is around 20% your pins to 80% other people’s pins. This should help your Pinterest account overall and increase the amount of people that see your own pins. 

tailwind search for a board

You can schedule from Tribes, by choosing the board you want to add the pin to and hitting schedule. This pin will then go directly into your Tailwind queue and go out in the order they have been added. 

Tailwind create new pins

You can also shuffle your queue, which is particularly useful if you just want to fill it up once per month. Add your pins, add pins of others from your Tribe, Pinterest homepage or other people’s websites, and then give it a shuffle. You’ll get a great mix and any pins you set to go out at an interval, or on a set day/at a set time, will stay locked in position and won’t be affected. 

Once you have set up your account, built your schedule and scheduled some pins your Tailwind account will automatically make the pins and re-pins go out at the scheduled time. If you can spend even just once a month visiting Tailwind, for one hour, it is possible to schedule 100s of pins, to keep your Pinterest account topped up and working even while you’re offline. 

If you have a little more time to spare then consider manually pinning for 5-10 minutes per day. Consistency is key with Pinterest and will help elevate your pins above others. Stay consistent, even if it just regular scheduling with Tailwind, and you should see your account grow. 

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