6 Qualities Of A Good Gardener

qualities of a good gardener

6 Qualities Of A Good Gardener

Many often underestimate the occupation of gardening. A good gardener is indeed tough to find. Not everyone has what it takes to be a gardener, much less a good gardener. After years of practice; one must attain numerous qualities to achieve the benchmark that every good gardener possesses.

Hard work and diligence are definitely qualities that every skilled person is bound to have. Without hard work no one can climb up the ladder towards success and likewise, gardening is no exception.

1. Patience

Gardening demands patience. Every plant has its unique time period for growth and blossoming. Some plants need to be left alone for some time being; frequent checks upon the plant will only hinder its growth.

Very much like baking; if you keep opening the oven when something is baking inside, it becomes quite difficult for it to bake in its due time. Therefore, every great gardener must not just know how to practice patience but practice it like gardening is what they are born to do, for patience reaps magical effects.

2. Creativity

Creativity has no limit. It can go as far as ones imagination. To become excellent at gardening one must broaden their imaginative zone. When gardening meets creativity, amazingly phenomenal results can be achieved that will leave every visitor delighted at its sight.

3. Knowledge

A good gardener must have an in-depth knowledge on the topic of gardening, garden maintenance, and garden clearance, and should be able overcome obstacles that come their way in the shape of horticultural challenges. Knowledge too is a skill that helps a gardener plant floras, shrubs, trees etc. and obtain their desired results. A gardener must possess immense knowledge on weather too and should be able to predict the growth of certain plant in certain weather and season alike.

4. Calculations

This may come as news to most but being good at basic math is knowledge best for a gardener to have. A gardener must be able to evaluate how much fertilizer is required for certain plant and how much water everyday should plant get to grow at its best. Installing fence and digging drainage systems also requires accurate calculations before installation.

5. Physically active

Let’s be honest; a clumsy, lazy, sluggish person can never make a good gardener. Gardening means a lot of digging, planting, bending, kneeling, climbing, and a lot of physical work on a whole. It’s almost like exercising. Even if you’re not in your best shape, you must be active and full of energy when gardening. Slacking is not an option when you’re doing your job.

6. Passion

A gardener loves nature. They are passionate at what they do. They love the sound of the birds chirping, are in love with the bright colors of the flowers and will enjoy their gardening experience at most. Simply, if they don’t have what it takes to enjoy their time outdoors, they will not be a good gardener. Great gardeners will tolerate harsh weathers like a pro and still find joy in the appeal of their garden.

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