Best Heating Systems In The Market Right Now

Best Heating Systems

People who live in cold places have a heating system installed in their homes because living without it could be quite challenging and troublesome. Having knowledge about the latest heating systems hot in the market and their types is pretty important when you are thinking to install one in your house. You can consult a professional for further details and know which heating system would be suitable for your house depending upon various factors. Let’s start our list of best heating systems.

1. Furnace

Furnaces are the most widely and commonly used heating systems. Furnaces can warm the air using propane gas, electricity, natural gas or oil. The warmed air is distributed throughout the house through several ducts that are installed in the home. One of the main reason for central heating furnaces being the most popular type is that their duct system can also serve as an air conditioner in warmer days.

2. Boiler

This is a heating system where pipes are installed all around the house in a way that steams of hot water from the boilers are sent through them and distributed in the house. If you want a zoned heating system in your house then the central heating boiler is your way to go however, it could be expensive than other heating systems because boilers can warm and cool your house as well so, it could be a bit pricy to install and run.

3. Geothermal

It is the most energy efficient and highly recommended type of heating system by the professionals. However, they cost quite a lot of money than other types of heating systems, but it is a one-time investment as it runs at a very low cost. The geothermal heating system uses heat energy from the ground and water from the wells.

4. Heat Pump

Heat pumps along with being energy efficient are eco-friendly as well. Every heat pump has two parts i.e.; an indoor unit known as an air handler and an outdoor unit known as the heat pump. The cool air from the inside of the house is moved to the outer environment making the house warmer by distributing the air all around the house through the ducts installed in the interior of the house, the process is however reversed during warmer days making the inner air cooler. A heat pump requires electricity as its power source, but it is recommended to install a heat pump if you live in moderate climate areas instead of very hot or very cold areas. However, the right decision could be made by consulting the professionals

5. Gas or Electric Heaters

Direct heating systems such as gas and electric heaters come in various shapes, sizes and designs for example; they could be wall-mounted, free-standing or floor furnaces. However, these do not provide central heating in the house and are used to warm a single room only. Electric heaters are much cheaper than any other heating systems.

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