Bonus Accumulator In-depth Review – Over £3000+ of sign up offers!

Bonus Accumulator In Depth Review

One of the best ways to make sure you’re making the most of earn-from-home opportunities is to not place all your eggs in one basket. Yes, it’s a bit cliché but it’s just the way it is. In truth, there are countless ways to make money from home, but lots of people tend to focus on just one or two things and are then stumped for ideas if those avenues of revenues cease to exist.

With that in mind, we’re going to take a close look at a service called Bonus Accumulator that can help you to increase your monthly earnings significantly. It’s the kind of side-earner that can supplement your living wage or help you to save up on the side for larger ticket items such as family holidays, cars, and anything else you’ve got your eye on. 

What is Bonus Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator Dashboard
The Bonus Accumulator Dashboard

To understand how Bonus Accumulator came about, we first need to take a few steps back. 

In 2014, Sam Stoffel opened Profit Accumulator. It’s a membership-based website that teaches users how to earn money from a risk-free system called matched betting

If you’re unfamiliar with matched betting, then it really is worth checking out as there’s a lot of cash to be made both immediately and on an ongoing monthly basis. In short, matched betting is a technique that allows you to guarantee profit from free bets and other promotions offered by bookmakers.

There’s no risk and it’s completely tax free. It’s the perfect side-earner.

As with most things in life, matched betting has evolved over the years. Promotions have changed and with it, the techniques used to generate guaranteed profit have been tweaked as well. 

Indeed, for some people, they found all the sports/odds information connected with Matched Betting a bit too overwhelming and so this makes Bonus Accumulator the perfect solution for them which is the latest product released by Sam Stoffel and works in a similar way to Profit Accumulator with the only difference being that it’s focused on casino and bingo promotions rather than the usual sports.

There are plenty of reasons to want to join Bonus Accumulator. Of course, the main one is the fact that you’ll earn a lot of money for taking part in the offers. However, Bonus Accumulator really shines when you consider the large variety of features and tools that are included with your membership that really make things easy for anyone over the age of 18 to get involved.

Stop Press: Bonus Accumulator currently has until the 30th June 2020 a 50% OFF your first month offer taking the price down to only £8.99!

How does Bonus Accumulator work?

Bookmakers and casinos are always competing for the custom of regular punters. As such, they turn to promotions to entice you to deposit cash with them. What they’re saying is usually along the lines of, “Come and spend £10 with us instead of another bookmaker and we’ll give you £10 free for doing so”.

Bonus Accumulator focuses on offers that are EV+. What is EV? It stands for Expected Value or Estimated Value. This isn’t the value that we expect to get every time but instead, it is the value we expect to get on average if we did a specific offer an endless amount of times.

matched betting casino offers

Of course, punters and matched bettors alike can take advantage of all these promotions. As there are loads of bookmakers and casinos around, this adds up to a lot of free bonuses quickly. Once you’re through the door, or on their website in this instance, they also want to keep you there to spend even more money. That’s why bookmakers offer several kinds of promotions.

Sign-Up Offers 

Bonus Accumulator Sign-Up Offers
Some of the Bonus Accumulator Sign-Up Offers

The first kind of promotion is a sign-up offer like the example provided above. Bookmakers will offer you a bonus of some kind if you sign-up for an account and deposit some money. 

The great news is that Bonus Accumulator provides you with all the tools necessary to extract real cash from these bonuses that you can withdraw and spend on whatever you want.

Now, you might be wondering how much money you can expect to earn from sign-up offers. If you’re thinking that there won’t be much on offer here, then you’d be wrong. At the time of writing, if you completed all the sign-up offers outlined by Bonus Accumulator, you’d have an expected withdrawable value of around £3,150.

high risk slot offer

The great thing about this list of sign-up offers is that there are such a large number of different casinos to work through. This means Bonus Accumulator can be taken advantage of by almost everyone. Although you’ll see some common names such as Coral, Sky Bet, and William Hill in the list, there are a lot of lesser known casinos in there as well.

The way that Bonus Accumulator presents each offer as a step-by-step guide makes it easy for everyone to follow. There is no need to have played on an online casino before to be able to take part. Once you’ve clicked on an offer, you’ll be presented with something that looks like this:

  1. Log in to your *insert casino name* account. If you don’t have an account, here’s the link to sign up. 
  2. Deposit £x using a debit card.
  3. Play x amount of hands of Blackjack using £1 hands.
  4. You’ll receive your bonus in 48 hours.
  5. Play another x amount of hands of Blackjack using £1 hands.
  6. Withdraw your remaining balance.

It really is that simple.

Reload offers

Bonus Accumulator Reload Offers
A handful of Bonus Accumulator Reload Offers showing the EV and potential risk

One of the biggest misconceptions that people had about matched betting was that you’d make some profit from sign-up offers but would then have extracted all the value you could possibly get.

In fact, the biggest source of profit in matched betting comes from reload offers. This is also the case with Bonus Accumulator.

Once a bookmaker or casino has given you your incentive to sign up for an account, they want you to stick around and keep playing. After all, if a punter never logs in to their account again then they’re not going to have a chance to earn any money from them. 

This is where reload offers come in to play. A reload offer is an offer that is sent out by bookmakers and casinos to people who already have an account with them. It will often be along the lines of, “Deposit another £10 with us and we’ll give you another £10 bonus to play with”.

Thankfully, we can extract profit from reload offers in the same way that we do with sign-up offers. And this is where Bonus Accumulator really shows its worth. Reload offers are sent out at different schedules by each casino. Sometimes it’ll be a new daily offer, other times it’ll be a weekly or monthly offer. However, because there are so many casinos out there, there are a huge amount of reload offers available every day.

Bonus Accumulator seeks out all of these offers for you. Believe me, it would take you a ridiculous amount of time to find them all yourself. Not only that, but they look through all the terms for you, calculate the expected value, and then provide a guide on how to complete the offer. 

As a member of Bonus Accumulator, you can log into your account each day and see an updated list of reload offers to take part in to earn even more cash. This is the place you’ll spend most of your time if you’re looking to earn a long-term monthly income.

For reference, if you’d completed all of the sign-up offers, you could go to the reload section of Bonus Accumulator at the time of writing and you’d be presented with a long list of reload offers to complete today that have an expected value of £194.

Now, imagine doing that on a daily basis and you’ll start to understand how much money there is to be made here. Of course, the amount of offers per day will vary, but the point stands.

One final thing to note in this section is that Bonus Accumulator has clearly indicated which offers are risk-free, low risk, medium risk, or high risk. Although you’ll profit from the expected value of all of them over the longer term, some people aren’t ready or willing to take any immediate risk. That’s perfectly fine and there are loads of completely risk-free offers to go through to earn profits that way. How much time you spend on this and which offers you want to take part in are completely up to you.

What tools does Bonus Accumulator offer?

One of the problems with earlier incarnations of matched betting companies was that they were incredibly basic. They’d present you with a list of offers but you were on your own from that point in time.

Thanks to Profit Accumulator, Sam Stoffel realised that his customers want a lot more than that from their monthly membership cost. Over time, this led to the development of a range of tools that work to make things easier for you as you work your way through the offers. Whether you were looking for ways to learn about the ins-and-outs of certain earning techniques or a calculator to work out your profits, you’d be covered.

Bonus Accumulator is no different. In fact, it’s probably ahead of the game here because it has launched with several tools that make taking part in these techniques easy. As most of us are busy with other jobs or life-commitments, we don’t always have the time to create numerous spreadsheets and spend hours calculating expected values. Thankfully, we don’t have to do this with Bonus Accumulator.


Using the Bonus Accumulator Simulator to work out my Backjack experience

Whether you’re taking part in sign-up or reload offers, every offer guide listed on Bonus Accumulator will include an expected value. This is the amount of profit that you’d expect to earn from any given offer.

You can learn all about expected value by watching the easy-to-understand videos on Bonus Accumulator, but to get an idea of how the Simulator tool is useful, we’ll jump in to a short explanation of how it works and why it is important.

Consider a game of Roulette. If you bet £10 on it landing on Red and it does indeed land on Red, you win £10. If it does not land on Red, you lose £10. 

If you were to do just one roulette spin on Red, you’d either win £10 or lose £10. It’s easy to calculate. 

However, what such a small sample doesn’t tell us is what profit or loss you could realistically expect to see from an actual Roulette offer with bonus funds attached and a wagering requirement. To do this, we need to work out the profit and loss over many samples.

The simulator tool allows us to do just that. By entering details such as the deposit amount, bonus amount, wagering amount, and stake value, we can calculate how much profit we can expect to make on the offer. 

To give a realistic idea of the expected value, we need to simulate the offer over many samples. This removes the variance you’ll see on smaller samples, e.g. one person wins £10 and another loses £8.

Bonus Accumulator’s Simulator tool will allow you to run the offer through over a million simulations to provide an expected value. This is the average amount of profit or loss customers can expect when taking part in an offer.

For example, the Simulator shows that if you took part in a Blackjack offer that required a £10 deposit, gave you a £10 bonus that needed to be wagered 40 times, and you were using a stake of £0.20, you’d have an expected value of £8.89 profit from the offer.

This tool is really useful if you want to deviate from Bonus Accumulator’s recommended stakes or if you find a casino offer that isn’t listed on the website. It gives you the independence to find more profit outside of the website.

Slots Database

Slots Database
Using the Slots Database to find the best Megaways slot to use for my offer

The Slots Database is another useful tool for Bonus Accumulator members. It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be: a database of a huge number of slots. At the time of writing, there are 1,807 different slots listed in this database.

So, what is it for? Well, the database provides information that is incredibly useful to different offers. As well as the name of slots, you’ll see the Return to Player percentage (RTP), level of variance from low to high, and even the slot provider.

This information can be used to make informed decisions about how you approach each offer. For example, you can find out the RTP of your favourite slot and enter it into the Simulator to see if it will provide you with a positive expected value for a particular offer.

Likewise, you can tailor the offer to your own needs. If you’re someone who wants to minimise the risk of losing any money in the present day, you might be able to find a lower variance slot to use. If you’re someone who wants a higher expected value from an offer and doesn’t mind the increased level of risk, you could find a higher variance slot.

Blackjack Calculator

Blackjack Calculator
Using the Blackjack Calculator to keep the upper hand against the dealer!

The Blackjack Calculator is a wonderful tool that makes completing Blackjack offers easy for everyone. As outlined above, you don’t need to know much about casinos to be able to earn money from Bonus Accumulator.

What the Blackjack Calculator does is tell you exactly how to play any given hand you’re dealt. If you’re unfamiliar with Blackjack, then you might not know when you’re supposed to hit and when you’re supposed to stand. None of that matters because this tool does all the work for you.

All you need to do is tell the tool what card the dealer has and what cards you have. For example:

  • Dealer has an 8
  • You have a 10 and a 3 for a total of 13
  • The Blackjack Calculator tells you to HIT

As a second example:

  • Dealer has an 8
  • You have a 10 and an 8 for a total of 18
  • The Blackjack Calculator tells you to STAND

All you need to do then is follow what the calculator is telling you to do and complete the offer.

Profit Tracker

Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker
Using the Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker to records my ups and downs!

We’ve looked at the more technical tools available to Bonus Accumulator members but perhaps the most convenient of all the tools is the Profit Tracker.

It does exactly what it says on the tin: tracks your profit. This might not be something you think about too much when you first start out because you’ll likely only be taking part in 1 or 2 offers at any given time. However, as your bank balance builds and you see just how much profit you can make, you could be taking part in dozens of offers at a time. It’s at this point that things become a bit muddled up for many.

In the past, the best solution to this was to create a spreadsheet but the Profit Tracker does more than that. In fact, you can track dates of each offer, which casino the offer was with, the offer itself, the expected value, your profit or loss for the offer, your monthly profits, and overall profits.

With this, you’ll know where your money is at all times, what kind of profit you’d be expecting at each point in your journey, your actual profit, and how things are looking at any given time. You can also download the data in CSV format to keep offline for your own records. 


Bonus Accumulator Winnings
Just one of the MANY huge profits shown on the Facebook Group

Perhaps one of the best things about Bonus Accumulator is its community of likeminded individuals. Because it’s the newest service in Sam Stoffel’s range, a lot of the members are also members of Profit Accumulator. 

This means you’ll be surrounded by people who are experienced in this kind of money-making and, generally, most people are more than willing to help you out if you have any questions or concerns about a particular offer or technique.

Of course, the Bonus Accumulator customer service team are incredibly experienced and always around to answer any questions you may have.

Why is Bonus Accumulator better than its competitors?

Let’s be honest, Sam Stoffel didn’t invent matched betting. It was around long before Profit Accumulator arrived on the scene. What he did do, however, was package matched betting up in a way that made it accessible to everyone.

With the addition of useful tools and a level of customer service that you couldn’t find elsewhere at the time, Profit Accumulator changed the game when it came to matched betting. That’s why they had over 120,000 people sign up and pay for the service.

With what’s on offer from Bonus Accumulator so far, you can see that this service is taking the same route. It’s making it easy for anyone to make money from casino offers without having to have any kind of prior knowledge of the industry. 

I fully expect other companies to pop up with their versions of Bonus Accumulator and, although some of them will be impressive, a lot are likely to be poorly executed replicas as was seen with the competition for Profit Accumulator. Staying ahead of the curve is something the Sam Stoffel has shown to be on his agenda time and time again.

Which Bonus Accumulator membership is the best value?

Bonus Accumulator has two membership options to choose from:

  • £17.99 monthly (cancel any time)
  • £150 yearly (cancel any time)

Either of these memberships are well worth thinking about as they’ll pay for themselves quickly. If you want to give Bonus Accumulator a try then there’s no harm in signing up for a monthly membership, seeing how you get on with the sign-up offers and then deciding whether to carry on or not. 

Don’t forget that there’s currently around £3,150 worth of expected value from the sign-up offers alone. Although this figure changes over time with the addition, removal, and changes of offers, it’s always going to be a large number. This makes the £17.99 per month a bargain.

However, if you’re looking to earn money from Bonus Accumulator on a monthly basis then you should consider the annual fee as it works out to just £12.50 per month.

Whatever membership you decide on, one final tip would be to make sure that you are taking action as much as possible. The money only lands in your bank account if you actually log in and complete the offers. Give it a go and you’ll be glad that you did when you start making withdrawals. 


What is Bonus Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator is an online service which focuses on EV+ slot and casino offers. It provides you with a constantly updated list of sign-up offers, reload offers and tools you can use to help gain an advantage against the bookies.

How much does Bonus Accumulator Cost?

Bonus Accumulator costs £17.99 a month or £150 a year. Both can be cancelled at any time.

How can Bonus Accumulator help make me money?

Bonus Accumulator offers a list of reload and signup offers you can do which is constantly updated and also tools such as its Blackjack Calculator, Simulator, Slots Database and more which all help you on your journey to make profit.

How much money can I make with Bonus Accumulator?

There is over £3000+ in sign-up offers alone on Bonus Accumulator and with endless new reload offers appearing on the site for existing bookie / casino customers to use there is a huge amount of money to be made over the long term.

What do you think?

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