3 Different Ways You Can Become A Tutor During Lockdown

Become A Tutor

The lockdown has shown us all, be adaptable, and always have more than one income stream. It’s difficult for people to think outside the box when all they see themselves as is a singular professional. It’s simply not possible to only know how to do one thing and do it well. Everyone has skills and if you’ve had multiple jobs in your life, you will definitely have something to share. Since many people are out of a job due to the pandemic, it’s time to think of new ways to make money. You can become a tutor of some kind, sharing your skills with the rest of the world and being paid to do so.

A knack for numbers

During the lockdown, working from home has become normal; but so has learning. So many people are using conference call software to have meetings, discussions as well as learn lessons from their teachers. You’ve also got to understand many people were on track to changing careers or furthering their career prospects. If you have a background in accounting, this is something you can help with. Using a service like TutorHunt, you can sign up to start teaching all sorts of people, your skills and expertise. It’s possible to make good money from online tutoring sessions, anywhere from $20-100 an hour. It’s up to you to create lessons and also, have them approved by the tutoring service you have signed up to. You must also have a webcam, mic, and feel happy using conference call software either the type the company provides or other brands.

Teaching how to drive 

Driving is a skill most people have but teaching how to drive is a different kettle of fish. In order to become a driving tutor, you need good trusted instructor training. Learn how to become an instructor for £999 over the course of 3 months. You’ll learn how to plan lessons, read people’s emotions and body language so you only push them so far each lesson at a time. You will be taught using VR hardware, giving you a great flexible learning opportunity. Feefo gives the BSM instructor training course a superb 5-star rating. You will be tested on theory knowledge, then your practical driving ability, and, finally your instructional ability. It’s common for driving instructors to make upwards of £22 per one-hour lesson. Additional instructor training is provided for £40 per hour, but this will stand to accelerate your learning.

A hobby and profession

Just about any kind of skill, interest, hobby, sport, and profession can be taught by those who possess good knowledge and experience. Fishing for example, is something you can teach using Superprof. If you have experience in fishing, there’s someone waiting to learn from you on this platform. Again, you’ll need to design your own lessons and buy equipment for your students. However, if this is a passionate hobby of yours, why let it go to waste when you could pass it on to someone else for a fee they’re willing to pay?

During the lockdown, everyone is trying to find ways of getting the cash to continue rolling in. becoming a tutor is definitely something you should take seriously.

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