10 Ways to Earn a passive income that you probably haven’t thought of

Ways to Earn a passive income

Being able to earn a passive income is often seen as the holy grail when it comes to earning money from home. Doing a little bit of work at the start and then earning money in the long term can really pay dividends but finding opportunities that offer that can be quite tricky.

The likes of Mystery Shopping, Data Entry and Matched Betting are all great and earn you a LOT of money but they all require a fair amount of manual intervention.

There are lots of passive income ideas out there on the Internet but finding ones that are going to pay you a decent amount of money each month and also aren’t some kind of scam can take quite a bit of time to find.

Thankfully these passive Income Ideas will show you different ways you can earn money while at work, out with friends, or even asleep!

All you need to get started with these is a laptop and for some of them, a smartphone so with that in mind let’s look 10 ways to earn a passive income so that you can earn money from home.

Earn £20 Amazon voucher and then £10 every month just by watching TV and listening to the radio


MediaCell+ is an easy to use app that sits on your smartphone which uses clever technology to detect what is being played / watched in the background when it comes to your TV and radio listening habits. On top of that it is also clever enough to monitor the websites you are visiting on the device. 

The MediaCell+ app will detect what you watch on TV, what radio you listen to, and the apps/websites used on your phone. The InCompass app will detect how you use your PCs/laptops/tablets and smartphones, including how you use the internet.

Earn a passive income through Fintech


Fintech is a mixture of established financial institutions and technology. The big movement in recent years has been open banking which has made it so that if you are an HSBC customer you can see all the other accounts you may hold elsewhere within your account. It also has meant that a lot of companies are able to offer facilities like this without being tied to one bank.

Fintech apps bring up a number of ways in which we can earn some easy money in the passive sense. Some of the big players like the Plum Savings App offer the ability for you to earn very easy money just by sharing the app with your friends and family.

Plum offer an UNLIMITED amount of referrals and so there is no limit to just how many payments of £15 you can earn!

Curve App and card

Curve is a fintech company that offering a FREE £5 bonus just by signing up to their free card. Their system works that via their smartphone app you can apply the Curve Card to any of your UK banking accounts. So you could flip it to Barclays and pay for one thing in a shop, then head somewhere else and flip it to HSBC and pay in there. All the while you are just paying with the one Curve card meaning you don’t need to carry around multiple cards in your wallet the entire time.

There are other services out there like Chip, Revolut and ZIPZERO which offer similar bonuses that you can just get and use on ANYTHING online or office so they are well worth signing up to for the few minutes that it takes to get the free cash.

Earn a passive income from your computer


There are some great ways you can earn money from your computer. Some of the easiest tend to be via apps like Fluidstack or Honeygain which offer you the chance to earn money via your spare computing power. These apps run in the background on your computer without impacting on your usage and use the spare memory, processor and networking capability to help resource other parts of the Internet. These two apps alone will earn you around $50 a month individually and require absolutely no input from you once they are running.

Another app you can run is Nielsen Computer Panel. Anyone who has ever been involved in online surveys will have no doubt heard of Nielsen Surveys but may not be away they offer you the chance to grab even more money. The idea behind the software is to collect data about how people at home use their computers and interact with the Internet around the world. This data is then analysed in order to allow businesses to form strategies about how their products and services appear online.

If you’re someone who uses their computer a lot anyway then it makes sense to earn some extra cash while you’re doing it. The great thing about the Nielsen Computer Panel is that you don’t have to modify your behaviour at all. They’re looking to understand how you use your computer on a daily basis so turn on, get to work, and let the cash add up in the background. You have the ability to opt out at any time so it’s worth a trial just to see how you get on.

Earn a passive income from your smartphone

passive income from your smartphone

Phones these days are just as clever as computers. When smartphones first came on the scene years ago the app store didn’t even exist yet alone the thought that you could earn a passive income through your phone.

We’ve talked about apps like Roamler and BeMyEye which pay you for going out and about to take photos of displays in shops. The pay from these tasks is great but it can involve quite a bit of manual work. Although it’s not a fully passive form of income, it’s always worth checking what tasks are available on these apps. Many of them require you to go to supermarkets and other similar shops so you can earn some money while you’re doing your everyday shopping. It’s pretty close to passive if you’re already there anyway and your bank balance will thank you for it!

Although it’s not a fully passive form of income, it’s always worth checking what tasks are available on these apps. Many of them require you to go to supermarkets and other similar shops so you can earn some money while you’re doing your everyday shopping. It’s pretty close to passive if you’re already there anyway and your bank balance will thank you for it!

There are apps like the Nielsen Mobile app which you can install onto your mobile phone and actually earn money from!. Once the app is installed on your smartphone the app will collect data about how the phone is used. What apps get used the most? How much data do they use? How often do they use the GPS on the phone? That sort of thing, don’t worry though as it doesn’t collect any User IDs or password and is a completely non-invasive app which doesn’t impact on the performance of your smartphone at all.

Nielsen uses the collected data to analyse demographic behaviour and use and as a reward, users are given points on a quarterly basis for being active. Nielsen points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash cards.

As with the Nielsen Computer Panel, this app doesn’t require you to modify your behaviour. It’s just another easy way to earn some passive income while you’re scrolling on your phone at home, travelling, or wasting time at work. The fact that you won’t even know it’s operating in the background makes it a no-brainer for some extra earnings on the side. Of course, you can opt out at any time so it’s worth a go just to see how much you earn for such little effort.

There is a huge selection of money making apps out there to make sure you do your research and stay engaged with the ones that offer the most work based on your location.

Earn a passive income with stocks and shares

passive income with stocks and shares

Investing in stocks and shares used to be limited to the big wigs on Wall Street. Now it can all be done from your smartphone and ANYONE can get involved. Thanks to apps like FreeTrade and Trading212 you can get going with just a few pounds and then it’s just a case of sitting back and letting the money (hopefully) roll in. Obviously, share value can go up and well as down so it may be best to go easy on this at the start and so only invest, say £100 or so before you get a good understanding of how it all works. Some shares can be bought for as little as 4p each while big tech stocks like Apple and Adobe go for a few hundred each but obviously bring much greater rewards.

Companies like FreeTrade and Trading212 offer a great way for anyone to get started for FREE. All you need to is sign up via one of the many ‘free share’ invite codes that exist on the Internet in places such as our forum and when you deposit just £1 into your account you will get a free share worth from £3-£200. So that’s FREE MONEY right there! You can then sell the share and withdraw the value or keep it and let it be the start of your exiting share portfolio.

As a bonus, once you’ve signed up and claimed your free share, you’ll be given a unique link that you can send to other people. If someone clicks your link, signs up, and deposits £1 to earn their own free share, you’ll be given another free share, too! It’s an easy way to earn some more shares for your friends and family and who knows how much you might earn over time. The fact that you can cash out so easily also makes this a no-brainer because you might be lucky enough to earn one of the more valuable shares for free.

Make sure to check out our review of Trading 212 if you want to find out more information about them.

Earn a passive income with affiliate marketing

passive income with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around since the dawn of the web. It used to be extremely IN YOUR FACT in the form of banner ads on websites that flashed a lot and competed for your attention. These days it’s all about contextual links whereby the affiliate links sit in around your content.

One of the biggest companies that website owners use is Awin. They run a very easy to use website where you can look up both UK and US online retailers and join their affiliate programs. The great thing for you as the blogger is that then all your income is in one place instead of having to jump from site to site to join various affiliate programs. Once you have joined you simply insert their links into your content and get paid each time someone clicks on it and buys or signs up to the service you are promoting. It’s a great way for people who already run a blog to earn money from the traffic they are generating without impacting on the user experience and people earn hundreds of pounds a month in a passive way through affiliate marketing so the money is truly there to be earned!

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that you can choose the direction you want to go in. That means you can consider in advance the type of content you’d like to create, and this makes it easier to direct it towards a passive income goal. For example, if you build a website about products that go out of style quickly, you may have to add new content regularly to keep things ticking over. This is great if you enjoy the process but it’s not entirely passive in this instance. However, if you build an affiliate marketing site around products that stand the test of time then you’re much more likely to see long-term passive income. If your site can create a demand for the user then you will succeed with this, else you will have to look into why no one is clicking on your affiliate links.

Earn a passive income through Cashback sites

passive income with a cashback site

This one may seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many people don’t use cashback sites when making BIG MONEY PURCHASES. When these sites first appeared on the scene it used to just be for small online purchases but not you can claim cashback via the likes of TopCashBack, Quidco and MyMoneyPocket when booking a holiday, taking our home insurance or even before you sign up to play online bingo!

Cashback is the very definition of ‘money for nothing’. You aren’t paying any more to buy the product or service and you get given money for doing so. There are some great browser plugins as well you can run to make sure you are notified if cashback is available when you go on a retailers website so it’s easier than ever to earn this passive income.

Speaking of money for nothing, you should also check out the ZIPZERO app. It’s free to join and you can earn at least 1% of the value of all your UK-based purchases just for taking a photograph and uploading it to the app. The money can then be used to pay off bills such as electricity, gas, telephone, internet, TV, or council tax directly from the app. 

Of course, this isn’t quite passive income, but it’s not far off. If you’re already going to be spending money in a UK shop, taking a photograph of your receipt to get 1% of the cash back is worth a few seconds of your time.

Earn a passive income while you surf the web

Qmee Surveys Cash

Surfing the web is something we do more than ever with people typically spending 24hrs online a week! So why not get paid to surf! By signing up to and using the Qmee plugin you will be paid just by doing what you do every day online.

Qmee works silently in the background while you search the Internet and waits for an opportunity to show you price savings and relevant deals. So if you were searching for a particular type of footwear or sports top and Qmee found savings or offers that were available online for those particular products it will display them to you in the life-hand side of your screen.

You are then rewarded in CASH for interacting with these brands and clicking through to them and then you have the interaction of saving money as well by buying them. Qmee have plenty of brands on board that will pay for the opportunity for you to find and engage with them so over time you can earn a decent chunk of passive cash.

As with other options in this list, using Qmee doesn’t require you to change your normal behaviour. This is exactly what passive income is all about. All you’re doing is searching and shopping as you usually would. So no matter if you are looking online for a new Television or full stretchable wigs you can earn while you browse!

Earn a passive income with Premium Bonds

passive income with Premium Bonds

The first time I heard of Premium Bonds was as a child when my grandparents bought me £50 worth as a treat. I never won anything but nearly 40 years later they are still as popular as ever. They work just like any regular savings account but instead of earning interest you are offered the chance to win money. NS&I pay out over 3 million prizes each month which range from £25-£1million and they are all TAX FREE!

You can buy anything from £25-£50,000 worth of Premium Bonds and you are of course able to withdraw them at any point should you need the money for something. The more you invest the higher your chances of winning a prize and people REALLY do win! I have family members who have £10,000 worth and tend to win around £25 every other month and then there are bloggers like KatyKicker who keep a record of all their winnings from their £50,000 Premium Bonds investment and has made over £700 in the last year so it really does offer as great passive income and return on your investment.

Earn a passive income from renting out your Parking Space

passive income renting out your Parking Space

I can be said that there is no great commodity in towns the cities across the UK than parking spaces. Over the years the prices to park near the shops or your workplace have risen and yet the amount of spaces on offer haven’t really increased.

If you are lucky to have a flat in a city centre or maybe live by a train station or airport you can earn some fantastically easy money by rending out your carpark space. There are two main companies that help facilitate private renting of the space and take care of the booking and money for you and then pass the profit onto you. I have friends that live near Leeds Airport and do this and have made a fortune over the year by giving their driveway (or garage) away for a few weeks each year. Equally, I have friends who live in high rise flats, don’t have a car but DO have a parking space and make a passive income from it 5 days a week offering it to people who want to take their cars to work but not pay ridiculous prices to do so.

One of the advantages of renting out your parking space is that you can also do it privately. If you live in a block of apartments, for example, not all the properties are likely to have a parking space. This can become a nightmare for tenants who own cars and are having to spend a lot of money parking elsewhere as well as having to worry about the safety of their vehicle. If you’d prefer to rent your space privately then consider printing off an advert and placing it in a communal area for all tenants to see.

There are two main companies offering you the chance to earn a passive income by renting out your parking space and that’s JustPark and YourParkingSpace – Both of which offer to do all the admin and promotional side of renting out your unused space for you!

Earn a passive income through peer-to-peer lending

passive income through peer-to-peer lending

The financial services sector has deviated from the norm in recent years. This has led to the development of new models that improve the experience of both investors and borrowers. One such model that has become popular in recent times is something known as peer-to-peer lending, often referred to as P2P.

One of the most attractive things about P2P lending is that it cuts out the banks that traditionally serve as the middleman. Instead, individuals can now become investors by lending money directly to other individuals or businesses with a P2P platform assuming the role of the middleman.

What this means is that borrowers have the advantage of lower interest rates than they would receive through a bank. However, it also gives lenders an opportunity to earn higher interest rates on the money that they invest through the P2P platform than they would get with traditional models.

Other advantages of P2P lending include the fact that you tend to have more control over the money you’re lending. For example, you can specify what kind of risks you want to take and whether you want to spread your investment across lots of different individuals and businesses. 

Further to this, P2P lending paves the way to some tax-free returns due to the 2016 introduction of the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). This ISA allows P2P loans to be held in an individual savings account. As such, you can receive interest from your P2P investments tax free and also avoid being taxed on capital gains up to a limit of £20,000 per year.

Of course, there is an element of risk with P2P lending. For example, you may run into issues if you lend money to an individual or business that struggles with repayments and ends up defaulting. You are also trusting the P2P platform to look after your money and not go bust themselves. Nevertheless, if you do your research and find a P2P platform you are happy with, you could earn much more money from your investments than you would elsewhere.

Popular platforms that people use if they are looking to earn a passive income from peer-to-peer lending are Funding Circle and RateSetter.


Is it possible for anyone to earn a passive income online?

Absolutely! There is no shortage of opportunities to earn a passive income. From shares and investments through to sign up offers for the Curve there is something for everyone.

How much money do I need to invest to earn a decent passive income online?

It depends on the opportunity. If you are earning money by getting free trades from the likes of Trading212 or Freetrade then you don’t need much money at all. However if you are looking at earning a decent amount from high interest accounts then the more money you are put into this the better.

Can you really earn a passive income from your smartphone?

YES! By using apps like Roamler or BeMyEye you can earn money while you are out and about just by taking a photograph or two and those amounts really add up. If you are looking then earn from your phone without doing anything then join the Neilsen Mobile Panel.

Is it easy to earn a passive income from your blog?

There are more affiliate networks to join than ever. No matter what the size of your blog you can find a way to turn your existing content into a money generating machine by signing up to websites like Awin or Amazon Associates.

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