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For many of us, paying bills is one of our least favourite things to do. It’s hardly surprising with the cost of electricity, gas, council tax, internet and TV subscriptions seemingly rising at a rate that far exceeds pay rises. 

When you’re trying to cut down costs, monthly bills are usually the first thing to be changed. Comparison websites allow us to hop between providers as we search for this month’s cheapest deal on utilities. That’s all well and good. Everyone loves getting the best price possible. However, we’re sometimes in a position where we must make sacrifices that we don’t really want to make. Cancelling the sports or movie channels on your TV service isn’t fun if that’s what you enjoy.

But what if there was a way to reduce how much you’re spending on bills each month without having to make sacrifices or put in lots of extra hours at work? 

ZIPZERO could very well provide the solution to this problem.

What is ZIPZERO?

ZIPZERO is a mobile app that provides you with cash to spend on your monthly bills in exchange for photographs of your shopping receipts. 

The ZIPZERO app works differently to alternative cashback services because your balance is built from everyday shopping within all UK-based retailers. Rather than withdrawing your funds, they are sent directly to your billing provider. For example, you could choose to use your balance to help pay for your electricity, gas, telephone, internet, TV, or council tax bills. 

Normally on here, we review ways of Making Money with smartphone apps such as Roamler or BeMyEye but with ZIPZERO’S ability to save you money on your bills this app is well worth a look!

How Does ZIPZERO Work?

All you need to do to get started with ZIPZERO is to download the mobile app and then sign up for an account using a valid email address. 

The great thing about ZIPZERO is that it’s completely free to use so there’s really no downside to giving it a go.

Once you’ve signed up, you’re ready to go. Whenever you buy something from a UK-based retailer, make sure you get a receipt. Once you’ve done that, open the ZIPZERO app and use your phone camera to take a photograph of the receipt.

When your receipt has been approved, you’ll be rewarded with at least 1% of the value of your purchases and can then add your biller’s account details and make a payment to them at any time you want.


How Much Can I Earn?

zipzero payment

The only small print you really need to concern yourself with is that fact that there is a maximum of £50 per month earnings on your account and users have to use the funds within 3 months of them becoming available.

The reason they set this limit to encourage users to use ZIPZERO funds to pay (at least partially) their bills regularly, preferably every month. It’s what, in terms of attitude makes them different from usual cashback websites.

Nevertheless, you’d need to scan up to £5,000 worth of receipts in order to hit this cap. 

It’s important to note here, however, that there are no limits to the number of receipts you can scan. Whether you’ve done a big weekly shop or bought a packet of chewing gum from the corner shop, you can scan your receipt and will receive the rewards.

Is ZIPZERO Too Good to Be True? 

At first glance, I thought that ZIPZERO might promise a lot but underdeliver. Receiving cashback on any kind of shopping in the UK seemed too good to be true. My main concern was working out where the money to pay app users comes from.

However, after looking into all the details, ZIPZERO’s method is clever. 

ZIPZERO and their retail partners have created a circle of user consumption. ZIPZERO provides retailers with an opportunity to offer products and services directly to app users in exchange for a system that rewards users with cash to directly pay such bills. And round and round it goes. 

Another great thing about ZIPZERO is that they protect your personal data. The only thing you need to provide in order to sign up for an account is a valid email address. ZIPZERO promises not to sell any user data and only collects purchasing habit information in order to offer personalised product deals to each user.

What Are the Rules of ZIPZERO?

With all this great stuff in mind, there are a few rules that you need to be aware of in order to earn as much as possible and keep your ZIPZERO account in healthy standing.

Firstly, you should make sure that you are only scanning receipts that relate to purchases made in a UK shop. All purchases must be made by yourself or another member of your household and must be for personal expenses. Business or commercial expenses are not covered in the ZIPZERO reward system.

The ZIPZERO receipt recognition technology can detect if receipts are scanned on more than one occasion. You must not try to trick the system by scanning receipts more than once and any accounts found to be in repeat violation of this rule may be closed at any time.

Receipts must be scanned within 7 days of purchase date. Any receipts scanned after this point will not be credited with a reward. 

ZIPZERO analyses purchase history in order to provide users with personalised product and service offers that may be of interest. For this reason, you are not allowed to scan receipts for people outside of your household. Violation of these terms may lead to account closure. 

Following receipt upload, ZIPZERO takes up to 48hrs to verify your entry. Funds will initially appear in your account as ‘Pending’ and will change to ‘Available’ once confirmed. ‘Available’ funds can be used to make bill payments at any time if your balance contains a minimum of £1.

ZIPZERO funds appear as Units. The conversion rate is 1 Unit to £1.

To pay a bill, you must add the payment details of your chosen biller, including your customer reference number. Incorrect details may lead to delayed or blocked rewards. Any attempt to add payment details that do not relate to an approved biller may lead to account closure.

Every member of your household may own an account. This will allow you to collectively earn up to £50 worth of bill payments per month on each account. All members must be UK residents over the age of 18 with a valid email address. 

Other Smartphone Apps you can use to save you money

ZIPZERO isn’t the only smartphone app out there which you can use to help save you money.

  • There are money management offerings from the likes of Chip (Where you can get £10 to spend anywhere just by signing up for FREE!), Revolut and Emma.
  • Money-saving apps like Alertr to keep up with the latest deals and ByMiles with its unique offering around the price of car insurance.
  • Finally, there are money-making smartphone apps like BeMyEye and Roamler which can make you a huge amount of money!

ZIPZERO and Coronavirus

Like a lot of other fintech companies ZIPZERO have had to make some recent changes to their payouts to keep their business float

The changes are :

Beginning 22nd April 2020

  • No new Registrations
  • Lowering the reward for each scanned receipt from 1% to 0.5%. 
  • Extending the verification period from two days to seven
  • Available Units held in your account, will be valid for 12 months, instead of 3 months, from the date the Units are confirmed as being Available.

The Bottom Line

zipzero dashboard

ZIPZERO isn’t the kind of app that will provide you with enough income to stop working. That’s just wishful thinking.

Nevertheless, it does provide users with an opportunity to pay a decent amount of their monthly bills without much effort. 

The fact that you can sign up for a ZIPZERO account for free makes it a no-brainer. Of course, you’ll have to spend a little bit of time taking photographs of your receipts but there’s no requirement to spend more money in the shops than you usually do.

The fact that several members of the same household can open individual accounts greatly increases the potential cashback earnings and may be the difference between feeling like you can put the heating on or not.

For me, ZIPZERO provides an easy way to take some of the guilt away from paying for extra sport channels. My spending habits don’t have to change in order to earn and that’s what makes this app a winner in my eyes. 

Try ZIPZERO today and see how you get on. It’s free to sign up. Just remember to ask for a receipt the next time you’re buying something from a UK-based shop.


What is ZIPZERO?

ZIPZERO is a smartphone app available for iOS & Android that provides you with money to spend on your monthly bills in exchange for photographs of your shopping receipts from UK retailers.

How does ZIPZERO save you money?

The income that you generate from taking photographs of physical receipts can be put directly against any bill you pay via Direct Debit

How much can you earn by using ZIPZERO?

You can earn a maximum of £50 per month on your account and you then have to use the funds within 3 months.

What sort of bills can I pay with ZIPZERO?

Any utility bill: electricity, gas, telephone, internet, TV, or council tax bills etc.

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