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Alertr – Keep Yourself Updated with the Latest Deals


We all love a good deal, especially in a world where everything seems to be getting more expensive year on year. Luckily, many sites now provide detailed lists of deals and bargains alike, making it easier than ever to find a deal and save some money. 

Alertr is a brand new, innovative way to keep track of the products that you’ve always wanted, providing an easy and quick way of finding out when the products that you love are on sale. 

Alertr works in 4 simple steps:


It’s easy to track whatever products you want. Use your normal shopping sites and simply copy and paste the website URL from the website you’re looking to buy from into the tracking box. There are thousands of UK based retailers that are compatible with the site, with companies such as ASOS, Amazon, Boots and Argos and many more available to track right away. 


You’re able to save the products and collections that you want to buy, meaning that you’ll get instant notifications straight to your email when one of the products or collections that you’ve said goes on sale. 


Organisation is key, and Alertr has a unique tool to make sure that you never lose track of the products you want. It’s simple to sort your products into collections, making them easier to access when you need it most. 


Sharing is one of the best ways to show not only your friends and family but people from across the world your collections and favourite products. Alertr allows you to share your products so that you can help other people save money too. 

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Why Should I Use Alertr?

Before now, you may have been browsing your favourite clothing site, pondering on the many products you’d like to buy, only to find out that it’s a little over your budget. Now, the chances are that you would click off the site, and more than likely forget all about it. Now, with Alertr, all you have to do is take a couple of seconds to copy and paste the URL from the pages that you visited so that you won’t have to remember about coming back to the site and instead you’ll get updated when the price falls more in line with your budget. 

Quite often retailers change their prices on a daily basis due to the competitive nature of the markets. Retailers need to keep their prices in line with each other, often meaning that if you visited the same product on two different days, the chances are you’ll be presented with two different prices. That’s why Alertr is so useful, you’ll no longer need to keep checking if your favourite Love Island dress is on sale or whether your new aftershave will ever drop in price, it’s all done for you. 

Although many retailers change their prices due to the competitiveness of the markets, they do like to add in some tricks to try and make it look like you’re getting a good deal. In some cases, retailers, especially those pesky supermarkets have tried to market pay day week, with ‘pay day price drop’ being shouted from the rooftops, when in fact it’s not quite as it seems. With Alertr, you won’t need to be subject to these sneaky pricing strategies from retailers, you’ll get notified when the items you want have gone on sale and that’s it. 

What Else Can Alertr Do?

Alertr have been working hard to track thousands of online sites, meaning its unlikely that you’ll be unable to track any of the products that you want. In the rare case that this does happen, Alertr will be on the job, sorting out tracking details from your chosen website and in most cases will have this in place within 48 hours, so there really is no excuse when it comes to finding yourself a bargain.

Although Alertr is fantastic for saving yourself some money from retailers such as Nike, Topshop and Debenhams, there are other sites that you can track products in that could help you save a nice chunk of money. 

Rightmove. Although not something that you’d traditionally look for bargains on, properties from Rightmove can be tracked through This is a handy little feature if you’re looking to buy your first home, looking to rent a new property or are a veteran of the game and looking to save yourself some cash, it’s just as simple as any other retailer. Simply copy and paste the URL and Alertr will do all of the work for you. 

For those holidaymakers out there, you may just have to wait a little longer to track your holidays deals however. Saving money on holiday is really important and the people at Alertr are aware of that, but unfortunately the bots are just not quite up to the task yet, (who said robots are taking over?). Don’t worry though, the team at Alertr are working on this as we speak, so you could be able to track hotels, flights and package deals sooner that you think. 

Alertr are proud of what they do, and they have worked hard to bring a service that allows you to save money on a regular basis. That’s why it’s great to see that publishers such as The Sun, The Mirror and The Daily Mail have all recognised the work that Alertr does. 

In a world that’s predominately run by money, it’s important to save every penny that you can. Alertr is a free to use service, making it easier and hassle free to track, organise and ultimately save money on the products that you’ve had your eye on.  The work that Alertr is doing is progressing, bringing more trackable retailers and other interesting features to the platform. So if saving money, grabbing bargains and helping others do the same is what you’re into, then Alertr is right up your street. 

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