How to Save Money on Days Out and Holidays

How to Save Money on Days Out and Holidays

Families often struggle with budgeting for their summer holidays and days out during school breaks. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune if you learn the small tricks only a handful of parents know about. Whether you are planning to go to the beach or visit a popular seaside town for the day, there are plenty of ways you can make your money go further. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to enjoy time with your family more for less.

Book Midweek

When planning a summer vacation or a main beach holiday, it is important to know when to book. A couple of months before your travel date is recommended. It is also a good idea to check popular flight comparison sites and sign up for alerts. Some of the pages will even tell you whether you should book your flights now or wait for the prices to drop. Plane tickets are generally cheaper Tuesdays through Thursdays and rise again by the weekend.  

Go All Inclusive

When travelling with kids, it is hard to control your spending budget. They will see the next shiny thing, such as an ice cream flavour they haven’t tried yet or Bubble tea, and there goes your money out of the window. It is always better to book all-inclusive when you travel with kids, so you can at least feed them three times a day and only have to pay for snacks and special treats out of your pocket.

Use Vouchers and Coupons

Before you visit holiday booking sites, you should also check out voucher and coupon pages, to see if you can get a discount offer or a money off voucher. Visit to grab a discount offer on cruises and package holidays. You are likely to find some attractive offers that will suit your budget and travel style.

Get a Pet Sitter Instead of a Kennel

One of the greatest expenses of families going on vacation is getting the cats and dogs boarding. You don’t necessarily need to pay up to £50 per night for your pets. If your dog or cat is safe at home, and they are not likely to damage the furniture, you can hire a pet sitter or a dog walker who will look after your four-legged family members while you are enjoying your holiday, as well as keeping an eye on your house.

Family Insurance

You might want to take out an annual travel insurance that covers all your family members and save money. Individual policies are not good value for money. If you have a premium bank account, chances are that your policy will be included in your monthly fee. Check the terms and conditions to find out about the details, such as the excess amount and the events covered.

Families should make their money go further by shopping smarter when planning holidays. Use the above tips to stretch your budget and enjoy your family time.

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How to Save Money on Days Out and Holidays

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