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ByMiles – Pay Per Mile Car Insurance

ByMiles Car Insurance

Having a car isn’t cheap. Once you’ve purchased the car of your dreams, or even something just to get you from A to B you then need to think about road tax, repairs, MOT’s and car insurance. It can be quite a shock, especially with insurance premiums on the rise, especially for younger drivers. 

There are tonnes of information out there on how to choose the best car insurance company out there but having to input the same information into comparison sites time, and time again can become tiresome. Even when you do manage to find some quotes, you need to think about how many miles you’ll drive each year, the purpose of your car as well as a host of other intrusive questions. 

Thankfully there’s an easy way to organise your car insurance. ByMiles is the newest and most innovative way to pay for your car insurance. Rather than the traditional way of paying for your insurance in one lump sum, ByMiles gives you the chance to pay only for the miles that you actually drive.

How Does ByMiles Work?

How does ByMiles Work

ByMiles is the new pay-per-mile way to pay for your car insurance. It’s a simple and convenient way for people who drive under 7,000 miles per year, meaning you could make some tasty savings in comparison to your traditional car insurance quotes. 

ByMiles works by tracking the distance that you’ve travelled and calculates your daily mileage. This daily mileage is then added up at the end of the month whereby you’ll be charged depending on how many miles that you have driven. The mileage is tracked by a handy little device, which ByMiles send out to you once you join them. It’s small and discreet, and unlike many black boxes that insurance companies give out, you won’t need an engineer to come out and fit the mileage tracker, you can do it yourself within a few minutes. 

Let’s talk mileage now. Thankfully with ByMiles there aren’t any restrictions on how and when you drive, meaning you can drive as many miles you want within a day without being penalised. ByMile only charge for 150 miles a day, so if you needed to drive somewhere that was over 200 miles away, you’d still only be charged for 150 miles. This is the same on an annual basis, meaning that you will only be charged for 10,000 miles even if you drive a little over that number. 

Why Choose ByMiles?

There are lots of options out there when it comes to choosing car insurance, some use traditional companies like Admiral and convicted car insurance but for some people they find ByMiles is an easier way to pay for the miles that you drive. You’ll still pay a yearly fee to be covered whilst you’re parked, and you’ll be charged a monthly fee depending on how many miles you have driven that month. So let’s say that one month you drive 150 miles and the next you only drive 50, you’ll be charged accordingly, meaning that you’ll get rewarded rather than paying the same price every month even though you’ve driven less miles. 

Choosing ByMiles can give you some degree of flexibility, and with a push on car sharing and the use of public transport, sometimes you only need to use your car in desperate times. It therefore doesn’t make sense to pay full whack for a car that will be parked on the drive for most of the year. 

ByMile gives personalised quotes, so it’s always best to check your eligibility before choosing to apply. 

Is ByMiles For Me?

Although the concept of ByMiles is very interesting, they are very upfront about the eligibility required to get a competitively priced quote. 

ByMiles is designed for drivers aged 25-76 who drive 7,000 miles or less a year. Although these restrictions are not an absolute barrier to getting a quote, you might find yourself a cheaper deal elsewhere. 

In regard to the maximum mileage with ByMiles, you can expect to be charged up to 10,000 miles per year, but again there is emphasis on the price at higher mileage rates. Should you need to drive long distances, or drive on a more frequent basis, you may that your monthly quote is higher than with other insurance providers. 

Alongside this, as with many other insurance providers, there may be an increased fee for people who have driving convictions, a high performance car or one with a rather large price tag. 

Thankfully, this information is not something that ByMiles hides, they want to make sure that you get the best possible deal, so it’s important that you read all the necessary information and terms and conditions before making your application. 

The way that we pay for insurance has changed dramatically over the last decade, with many more companies adding flexible options to suit the needs of drivers. ByMiles is a fantastic way to take advantage of this flexibility and be charged only when you drive. The quote given by ByMiles is an estimate however, so it’s important to keep in mind that depending on how many miles you drive, your monthly charge will be adjusted accordingly, so you may pay less that your estimate or you may pay more, it simply depends on how much you drive. 

ByMiles are leading the way in pay-per-mile insurance, giving you a discreet way of tracking your miles, with the size of the tracker the same as a matchbox, you won’t need to worry about it being in the way. Unlike the traditional trackers given by insurance companies that need to be fitted and although hidden can still easily be found. 

Just as technology is taking over our lives, you’ll also be able to use your smartphone to keep track of your mileage within the smartphone app. It’s a simple download, and you’ll then be able to access your exact mileage figures as well as being able to track your car in the event of it being stolen or even find any faults with your car, it’s everything you need in one little box. 

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