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Foodhub – Changing the Way you Order Food Online

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Millions of people order takeaway food online every year, from traditional fish and chips to something a little more exotic, the market has grown exponentially. Apps like Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and many more offer customers the chance to order food and get it delivered straight to their door, usually within an hour. The demand for food delivery services has grown year on year with thousands of restaurants signed up to at least one of these apps, meaning their customers no longer need to visit the shop itself and can instead order from the comfort of their sofa. 

Demand is high for these services with restaurants often queuing up to sign onto a food delivery platform. Although this does mean that restaurants can receive more business, it also means that their profits are seriously impacted, and after delivery and service fees, restaurants often struggle to find any profit from delivery platforms. 

That’s where Foodhub comes in, a new and innovative way of offering food delivery to millions of people across the UK.

Who is Foodhub?

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Foodhub is a food delivery service and offers the same service to restaurants that companies like Just Eat and Deliveroo do. You can order food from local restaurants either on the app (Android or iOS) or through their website, so it can all be done within a few minutes, and your food will be on its way. 

Foodhub are slightly different in their approach to bringing restaurants onto their platform. You may or may not be aware that most food delivery services charge restaurants a fee to have their restaurant on their platform. Although this means that the restaurants can be more accessible to a wider customer base, it also means that the restaurant is charged for every order that is received. So, in turn, restaurants need to increase their online prices to recoup the costs of the service fee. From a customer’s point of view, that’s not exactly ideal, especially if you’re a serial takeaway visitor. 

This is where Foodhub comes in, and luckily for us, completely changes the food delivery market. Gone are those pesky order fees, and instead Foodhub doesn’t charge restaurants commission on every order and instead has opted to charge a monthly fee to the restaurant. This not only works out much cheaper for the owners of the restaurants, but it also means that you’ll no longer see a price hike in your favourite slice of pizza. So the benefits are universal for both restaurants and their customers alike. 

Why Should I Use Foodhub?

We all love a bargain, so sometimes splashing out for a takeaway isn’t always the easiest of things to do. However, throw a bargain or discount into the mix and it can be that little bit easier to digest. 

We’ve already discussed how Foodhub works, but you may be asking how exactly does that translate into discounts?

With Foodhub, restaurants are no longer required to push up their prices to cover the costs of those pesky fees and can instead offer their food at regular prices or even offer discounts to their customers. On average, customers can save money on every order they make, meaning you can save a nice amount of money every year.  

How Has Foodhub Made an Impact?

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Foodhub’s business model is completely different to what we are used to, and it’s no surprise that they are taking the market by storm. There are around 6,000 restaurants already registered on the platform, with more coming on board on a regular basis. This means that more people will be able to get access to discounted prices from their local restaurants. 

With their quick success, Foodhub has been able to save customers over £25,000 in just one week, savings that are bound to multiply once more restaurants have been added. In total, the month of June seen 150,000 orders placed through the Foodhub platform with many of these orders seeing discounts in comparison to other food delivery services. 

Foodhub is Moving Forward

The food delivery market is booming, with more people ordering food online than ever before, so it’s no surprise to see the impact that Foodhub is having, the discounts and 0% commission is attracting new customers every day. 

To keep up with this popularity, Foodhub is taking steps to make sure that customers receive only the best when ordering through their platform. 

Food Hygiene ratings are something that most of us are aware of, and actively seek out when looking for somewhere to eat, and that shouldn’t be any different when ordering food online. Food Hygiene ratings are based on the cleanliness of premises and tell us how safe our food is when it is being prepared. Restaurants can be graded from 0-5 and Foodhub has made it clear that they have the customers at the forefront of their operations by taking all 0 rated restaurants off their platform. So now you can be assured that the food that you are receiving are not from the worst performing restaurants. 

The world of online food ordering has changed massively over the last few years with many delivery services now being offered all across the country. This trend is set to increase, and many predict that the popularity of online food ordering will continue to see strong growth every year. From your traditional British classics, Chinese cuisine to fast food restaurants, there’s something for everyone when it comes to food delivery. 

Foodhub is changing the way this market works, taking away the high service charges and leaving restaurants able to offer their products to customers at discounted prices. You’ll no longer need to trawl through the internet searching for discount codes, coupons or cashback offers, and instead you can save money instantly through the app or website.

The process is easy, and you can quickly see what local restaurants are available through the Foodhub platform. It’s a hassle free process that means you can enjoy your favourite food without worrying about paying extra unnecessary fees, a smarter choice for all. 


How does Foodhub make money?

Foodhub does not charge a commission to the establishment in the same way Just Eat does. Instead restaurants / takeaways pay a flat fee to be on the Foodhub service regardless of how many orders come through it.

How much commission does Foodhub charge?

Foodhub charges 0% commission and instead asks the food outlets on its platform to pay a set weekly amount. This often ends up saving businesses thousands of pounds compared to being on Just Eat.

Does Foodhub offer a free trial?

Any new customer can get a 3 month free trial when they sign up.

How much can a restaurant or takeaway save by being on Foodhub?

On average their customers save £45,000 a week by using Foodhub and not having to pay a service charge per order.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions, why not try out forums. Its a great community and someone will be able to help with any of your questions.

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