UpVoice Review – Earn up to $175 in 1 year!

UpVoice Review

For anyone looking at ways to earn extra money from home, simply by using their laptops or mobile phones, there is always an awareness that we are trading time for money. Of course, the amount of time that we have is finite, especially if online earnings are a side hustle, and that means that potential earning are finite too. That can all change with the likes of UpVoice. 

UpVoice promises to give what most of us are seeking: a truly passive income. The ability to make money just by doing the things you have always done does away with earnings being finite. But what is UpVoice, and how does it work? In this UpVoice review, we’ll be letting you know.  

What is UpVoice

Upvoice Rewards

UpVoice is owned by the market research company, BrandTotal. Like any other market research company, they value your opinion to the extent that will pay you for it. Often the information that is useful for companies comes from spending hours completing surveys, some of which you will start only to be screened out after spending what seemed like an eternity to get so far. The claim made by UpVoice is that it will pay you money for doing nothing. Now, that of course grabs some attention and makes it worthy of a proper look.

In truth, it is not quite doing nothing, but you are paid for doing things that you would already be doing: using social media. By visiting platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn, UpVoice will pay you for sharing some information. In simple terms that is all that you need to do.

How Does it Work

So, if the thought of getting paid just for using social media is appealing, you’re probably going to want to know a little more about how it all works. Once, you’ve signed up, UpVoice will ask you to download its Chrome extension. This does nothing to the overall performance of your browser, it just quietly works away in the background. With the extension installed, you’re all good to go, although if you have any ad blockers in place, you are going to need to disable these. 

With the extension all installed, and ad blockers turned off, then you’re good to go. Do what you would usually do in terms of visiting YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn and get rewarded for it. UpVoice itself says that while you are doing this, it “anonymously captures your ads”, and this is what you are paid for. 

How much can you earn?

First things first, UpVoice display rewards in USD but these are converted to your currency once you cash out. Secondly, your rewards come in the form of gift cards. This may not sound great, but when you consider how many different types are available, it is quite remarkable. Some of the gift cards you can opt for are:

But how do you get your hands on these? UpVoice works with a token system, where 10 tokens are worth $1. UpVoice state that by visiting the sites every day, it is possible to earn around $75 per year. Here is how you can start building up those tokens:

  • You get a 300 token bonus just for signing up
  • 10 tokens a day just for looking at YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Twitter
  • Bonus tokens when you hit certain milestones

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can start adding to your token total and start to enjoy some of the gift cards on offer. 

How to sign up

If what you have read so far makes you think that UpVoice is worth giving a go (money for nothing, so no doubt it is!), then you’ll need to know all that is involved in signing up and how easy it is to do. 

When you first reach the sign-up page at UpVoice, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Google account, Microsoft account, or Yahoo account. This makes the first step super simple. Once you’ve done this, UpVoice needs to know a little bit more about you, so you’ll face a few questions about who you are, your interests, location, and work. 

Like any market research company, UpVoice needs a good mix demographic wise so there is the chance that you won’t be quite what they are looking for at that moment in time. if that is the case, then that doesn’t mean that won’t change in the future. 

Other ways to earn with UpVoice

Upvoice Review

UpVoice says that it is possible for its users to earn up to $175 in their first year. That’s $100 more than other users, so where does this extra come from? Like many sites where you can earn some extra money, UpVoice has its own referral system. 

UpVoice generates a referral code that you can easily share with family and friends. Once someone signs up with your code and achieves their first 100 tokens, you’ll be rewarded with an extra 300 tokens, which are worth $5. You can repeat this a maximum of 20 times so you have the opportunity to earn an extra $100 for very little effort. 

Like many market research companies out there, UpVoice also has surveys to complete. If you opt into these, although this isn’t passive, you have the chance to boost your earnings even more. 


Is UpVoice legit?

Yes, UpVoice is certainly a legitimate site and a legitimate way of making an additional income on the side.

Can I earn using Facebook?

No, UpVoice no longer works with Facebook. You can earn rewards by visiting YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, and  Twitter.

Can I earn on my mobile?

No, at present UpVoice does not have a mobile app, and the chrome extension will not work on a mobile. 

What’s the minimum withdrawal?

You can request a gift card once you have hit 600 tokens, which are worth $10. 

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