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6 Freelance Jobs You Can Do Working From Home

6 Freelance Jobs You Can Do Working From Home

Remote work offers endless possibilities, especially in today’s increasingly digital world. If you’re struggling to find a local job, need to stay at home to care for a loved one, or if you are tired of wasting hours to commute daily, a remote freelance job is worth looking into.

Check out this great list of work from home jobs if you want to develop your skills without leaving your home and bring in real money at the same time.

Remote Assistant

Remote assistants are freelancers who provide technical, administrative, or creative services. A lot of businesses operate completely online, and many of them need remote assistants who can help them with their daily tasks. Some examples of the tasks that you’ll need to do as a remote assistant are the following:

  • Composing and replying to emails
  • Calendar management
  • Creating and distributing business-related files
  • Assisting with social media management
  • Writing and creating content

The pay varies depending on the level of skills required for the tasks you need to accomplish and which industry you find yourself in. Some of the highest paid remote assistants offer executive support and perform specialized tasks such as web design.

Audio Transcriptionist

An audio transcriptionist transforms verbal and audio materials into text. In general, their primary task is to listen to audio files and then type out what they hear. Some examples of materials are lectures, court reports, and medical dictations. 

Home-based audio transcription is considered as an entry-level job since it does not require any special skills, training, or experience. You can start working right away, but you may want to invest in a set of good quality headphones. 


Website owners and app and software developers want to make sure that their product is perfect before they release it to the public. They hire beta-testers who then play around with the unreleased product and describe their experiences while using the same.

As a beta-tester, you can help businesses improve their product and enhance their user experience. Here are some of the major tasks that you will be asked to do:

  • Submit bug reports so that the company can fix any errors before the product’s launch
  • Submit recommendations on how to make the product better 
  • Complete surveys and polls regarding the crucial aspects of the product
  • Complete assigned tasks such as testing out a feature under specified conditions
6 Freelance Jobs You Can Do Working From Home

Graphic Designer

If you have great graphic design skills, remember that there is no shortage of businesses that need someone to design their websites, ads, and logos. As a graphic designer, you need to have experience with color theory and typography, as well as the ability to create stunning visuals.

Remember that the more skilled you are, the more clients you can attract by word of mouth. Here are some of the usual tasks that you may be asked to accomplish:

  • Create promotional materials such as posters, billboards or even bus wraps
  • Select photos and typefaces
  • Develop layouts for magazines, advertisements, brochures, and annual reports
  • Be able to use photography, animation, images, and other forms of media to inspire, inform, or captivate the target audience

Pet Sitter

Pet sitting and pet grooming can be a great side-hustle if you love animals. You can provide daily care for your clients’ pets while they are out of town for work or on vacation. The pets generally stay in the home of their owners so that they have a familiar environment.

You have the choice of operating a regular walking or pet care service or sitting services on an as-needed basis. You may also limit the scope of your work to cats and dogs, or you may want to care for other kinds of pets such as birds, fish, or reptiles.

Rental Host

If you have an extra bedroom in your home, you can try renting it out to people through sites such as Airbnb. You can control how often you want to rent out the room and how much to charge short-term renters.

An essential thing to remember is that some neighbourhoods do not allow short-term rentals, while in others, you may be facing stiff competition from your neighbours. Always do some research on your neighbourhood before you list your home on these rental sites.


Even though there are numerous, legitimate work-from-home jobs, remember that there are still unscrupulous crooks out to scam unsuspecting freelancers. Make sure that you know who exactly you are working for. When you see a job post that looks promising, research the company and make sure that they are the right fit for your skills and requirements.

For anymore assistance or questions, why not head over to forums. Its a great community of people working together to save and make money from home.

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