Side Hustles That Could Improve Your Health And Fitness

Improve Your Health And Fitness

We all know that a side hustle is a great way to make some extra money, but is it always a healthy thing to do? Many side hustles involve sitting at a desk, which can lead to more time that you’re inactive throughout the day. Is there a healthier solution out there?

The truth is that there are some side hustles that could boost your health and fitness that you might not have considered before. Take a look at some of these fitness-based side hustles and learn how you can make some extra money while getting more active too!

Try a courier role

Cycling can be an effective form of exercise, and it’s also a cheap way to travel. There are a lot of uses for cycle couriers these days in city centres, with food delivery companies like Deliveroo and Ubereats offering a large number of roles to people who have access to a bike and have hours that they want to work. Companies like Sainsbury’s also hire cyclists for various roles, so you could be surprised at the different types of work that are out there. Before you sign up though, read about some people’s real life experiences of being a delivery cyclist to help you work out if this is something you want to pursue. As always make sure you take care of yourself when riding your bike. From ear cleaning through to cycling goggles there are lots of extra ways to keep yourself safe on the road. 

Become a personal trainer

A lot of people are turning to personal training as a way to help them achieve their fitness goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. There is usually a lot of demand for personal trainers, so if you want to help others get fit while getting fitter yourself, this could be your calling.

There are a lot of personal training courses out there that can help you get qualified in no time. The great thing about becoming a personal trainer as a side hustle is that you get to choose your own hours and fit in clients when it suits you. Work as much or as little as you like and enjoy improving your own fitness at the same time.

Start a dog walking business

Do you love dogs? Then why not earn some money by walking them? Dogs make wonderful companions, but many dog owners don’t have the time to walk their dogs every day. Starting a dog walking business can be an easy way to make some money, and all of the walking will soon boost your fitness too.

Becoming a dog walker isn’t something to be entered into lightly. You have to have a good understanding of dogs and their behaviour, and it’s beneficial if you’ve owned a dog yourself. However, with flexible hours and the opportunity to meet some great new people and pets, a dog walking side hustle can be a wonderful way to make some extra money.

Become a weekend referee

Becoming a weekend referee can be a fun way to increase your income, while also being an excellent excuse to meet new people and get active too. You’ll need to have a good knowledge of the sport that you’re refereeing, such as rugby, football or other sports, but it can be a great way to get involved with your community and get you out and about on weekends. Why not ask around friends and family to see if they know any positions that might be available?

Start a health and fitness blog

If you’re passionate about health and fitness, then why not consider starting a health and fitness blog? Writing about subjects that you’re interested in can help you think twice about your own health, while benefiting others too. Your health and fitness blog can start leading you to different things to generate an income, such as paid reviews and collaborations, as well as affiliate marketing. If you’ve got the time to put into it and can also create an effective promotion strategy, then you could start a health and fitness blog today!

As your blog starts taking off, you could also market some services that could further boost your income. Creating courses to make extra money and writing eBooks can be a fantastic way to grow your earnings, while also helping others to achieve their goals.

Finding a side hustle that allows you to make more money while also getting active can add value to your life in several ways. Not all side hustles have to involve sitting at a computer for hours on end, so why not pursue something that gets you moving instead? Explore side hustles that are suited to your interests and skills and watch your income increase.

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