Make your next blog logo with Logojoy

Make your next blog logo with Logojoy 1

If you one of the regular thousand of users who use our forum you will have seen we recently had a change in logo after what could be classed as quite a long time!

After asking around on Twitter quite a lot of people recommended giving Logojoy a go and after having created a logo with them it’s not hard to see why that is!

Logojoy uses what it claims is Artificial Intelligence to take information that you give it about your website and what sort of design choices you like to create a truly bespoke logo for you!







When you start out on your journey it won’t be long until you find out that you don’t need any technical skills at all to create a stunning looking logo. The first question you are asked it simply a case of typing the name of your blog or website in (and if you have any slogans you wish to include!). This information alone will be enough for Logojoy to decide on the text layout of your logo so that it can fit all the information you want into the logo space.








A lot of people (myself included) like to have some kind of vector graphic alongside the text. Logojoy will give you the opportunity to add some graphics should you want to and again no design skills are needed. You give the system some words to describe the graphics you would like on your logo and it will give you the chance to select a handful to use. You also aren’t locked into just one category.

If your blog was about F1 Racing you could have one graphic that is a race car, another being figure of 8 race track and maybe a racing helmet as well. I would really surprised with what I could find in this section even more so when searching using the term ‘UK’ at the end just to make sure that the results it was bringing up were relevant to the demographic I am after.









With a lot of logo creating websites you are only provided one design at the end of your creative process but with Logojoy you are presented with a whole raft of creations that you can select from. All are variations on the information you gave them and most importantly they can be tweaked even further at this point to make things exactly how you want them.















Once you are happy with your design there are a number of options available if you want to buy your logo for digital use. Prices start from $20 for a one time purchase all the way up to $165 so no matter what your budget. Once you purchase your logo you are provided with it in a selection of formats but the added bonus is the brandguide.txt file that comes with it.






Using the information in this file you are able to style your entire website to make sure that it matches the fantastic logo you have created colour wise.

Overall I found using Logojoy a very easy solution to use when creating a new logo for your site and the ideal tool to use when you have just created your blog so next time you are in the market for one give them a look as you might surprise yourself with just how much creativity you can show off when if you don’t have the technical skills to back it up!

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