PayPal tackles problem gambling with new initiative

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PayPal has become a ubiquitous payment method, and as a leading payment provider, it is always coming up with new and fresh initiatives to keep its users on side.

Indeed, PayPal has over 300 million users worldwide, and it is a trusted e-wallet that can be used to pay for invoices, send funds to friends, and spend money at e-commerce sites.

It is an inherently safe option, and it has permeated its influence across all walks of society. Gamblers have used PayPal to wager on some of the finest slots and table games at digital casinos. Indeed, you won’t be hard pushed to find an online casino accepting PayPal, and a quick look at our list shows Unibet Casino and Casumo Casino rank highly as they make it easy to deposit into your accounts, and they process withdrawals quickly.

And in a bid to tackle problem gambling in the UK, PayPal has launched a plan called GamBan. So, let’s see what this is all about then.

What is GamBan?

GamBan is a new piece of software launched by PayPal that has been designed to keep players safe when they bet online and steer them clear of gambling issues. The software works by using AI (Artificial Intelligence), and keyword research will stop rogue sites from cropping up.

As such, users who want to leverage this application can do so and GamBan works by blocking nuisance online gambling sites. More specifically, it will track online gambling platforms that require a hefty deposit upon signing up.

With GamBan, it is hoped that it will help gamblers save money in the long term. There will be many gamblers that have made huge investments in online betting and with GamBan, they can put a stop to it before things spiral out of control.

A few years ago, PayPal received widespread criticism for not doing more to tackle the gambling epidemic, and GamBan has now paved the way for gamblers to get a grip on the issue.

Customers will now be able to eliminate pop-up ads for casinos, as well as all casino-related URLs from their devices.

Many users are expected to benefit from GamBan, and the application was initially made for customers in the UK and USA. However, it is expected to be rolled out to other locations soon. PayPal has a strict policy now when it comes to ensuring it meets all community guidelines surrounding gambling.

Installing GamBan

Installing GamBan is relatively straightforward. You just have to head to the app store if you have an iPhone or Android device and download the application.

Depending on the preferences of customers, GamBan has introduced yearly and monthly subscriptions. And what’s even better, is that once you have subscribed to GamBan, you can use your ID on all devices. Users do not have to buy separate subscription plans to block gambling sites from all their devices.

The GamBan Outlook

With GamBan, it seems that PayPal is trying to clamp down on and take problem gambling more seriously. Only time will tell to see what kind of impact it will have, but it should be viewed as an efficient tool.

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