Ensuring a smooth transition when considering a change in broker

considering a change in broker

There are a wide range of reasons why you may want to change broker. Perhaps you are not happy with their services; perhaps you have found a broker that offers a better deal than your current one; or maybe you have just decided that you fancy a change. Whatever your reason to change brokers, there are always worries under the surface that the changeover may go wrong. What can you do to help make sure that your transfer to a new broker is a smooth process?  Make sure that you…

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Why are Online Mortgage Brokers Becoming So Popular?

Online Mortgage Brokers

Traditionally, getting a mortgage was hard work. Firstly, finding a mortgage deal that was right for you involved using a mortgage broker. This was often costly, time consuming and only brought back a handful of options. The growth of the digital age has helped to make the mortgage application process much less painful than what it previously was.  Online mortgage brokers can search almost the entire product market, bringing back a wide range of deals that are perfectly suited to your personal circumstances. They can do this within minutes, replacing…

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Tips For Buying a House as a Freelancer In London

Buying a House as a Freelancer In London

There are many misconceptions that it’s hard to buy a house if you’re a freelancer or self-employed. Freelance mortgages are the same as normal mortgages, they just take a little bit of work to prove to the mortgage lender that you have a regular income. With high London property prices, you may think buying a house as a freelancer in London is impossible. This article will feature 8 tips for buying a house as a freelancer in London, from how to prepare for a mortgage to additional costs to consider. …

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Career Talk: Becoming A Paralegal

Becoming A Paralegal

Is becoming a paralegal something you want to do? Do you have your eyes set on a career in the field of law? Paralegal jobs can be appealing since you are likely to be doing something different every day. Some people incorrectly believe a paralegal is a lawyer, but this is not the case. The problem lies within the fact that job descriptions for paralegal differ dramatically. Paralegal is a catch-all term, encompassing various different roles. Your role as a paralegal all depends on the organization you work for and…

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The Ultimate Paid Surveys UK list

paid surveys uk list

Finding the best paid survey sites or best paid surveys in general can be quite a challenge without a bit of help. From paid market research through to online surveys that pay cash it’s all out there waiting for you, you just have to know where to look to find the highest paid surveys on the Internet. This post is written by our very own KatyKicker. She has been earnings £1000+ a month from online surveys alone for a number of years and is going to tell YOU how to…

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FreeAgent Review – Self Employment and Small Business Accounting Software

FreeAgent Income Tax Self Employed

Being self-employed is a way of life that offers freedom, financial stability and an encouraging work-life balance. However, one of the things that many self-employed people struggle with is dealing with finances and especially tax returns. No matter if you are doing high paying research studies or freelance writing, all that income needs to be logged! It’s common for self-employed people to use spreadsheets, diaries and other forms of data recording to keep up-to-date with their financial outgoings and profits. As you can imagine this can get very time consuming and…

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The five top money concerns for most contractors

money concerns for most contractors

When it comes to modern working, many people now are setting up as independent contractors. This can be seen in many sectors but certainly in areas such as IT and construction. Of course, as well as being handy for the clients who use them, working as a contractor is also an attractive proposition.  Not only do you get to be your own boss and work in an industry that you feel passionate about, but you also get a real freedom that is hard to beat. It is thought that the…

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Increasing your wealth isn’t just about what you earn – it’s what you spend

Increasing your wealth

There are so many temptations to spend money these days. Even just a casual walk down a high street reveals how many opportunities there are to fritter away cash. From advertisements on bus shelters pushing fast food outlets to stores offering expensive yet unnecessary convenience products, it can be hard to avoid these temptations in a fast-paced consumer economy. However, very few people who become wealthy in a sustainable way spend money with wild abandon. By controlling your personal cash outflow, you can ensure that you have enough left over…

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