The astounding financial difference between smoking and vaping

difference between smoking and vaping

Smoking, as we all know, is a habit comes with a huge set of health risks. It’s also a habit that comes with huge costs and money can be a top reason for people wanting to quit. 

Vaping has long been presented as a healthier alternative to smoking. Less nicotine intake and reduced exposure to toxic chemicals are just a couple of the health benefits you can gain by switching to e-cigarettes. But with all this talk of health benefits, what about the financial side of vaping? The difference might surprise you.

Vaping: the cost breakdown

If you’re looking to switch from smoking to vaping, be prepared for an upfront cost when you buy equipment. A typical beginner kit, including your device, coils and e-liquids should cost around £40-£50. 

Vaping kits will save you money in the long run, despite their larger initial one-time purchase. Prices do vary for vape kits, with higher end products allowing for greater customisation. However, a good quality starter kit can be as cheap as £20, with refill cartridges costing between £2-£4 reports BBC.  

The e-juice that keeps things running

Of course, just like smoking, vaping comes with its own ongoing costs. No matter what device you use, your e-liquid will need to be replenished, meaning you will still have repeat purchases. 

However, the price of e-liquids varies and there are plenty of budget-friendly e-liquids to choose from, so vaping doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Maintenance and replacement

Another cost consideration with e-cigarettes is maintenance and replacing components, including batteries (for vape devices that aren’t rechargeable). 

Coils, which heat the e-liquid, will need to be changed every 1-2 weeks, depending on how frequently you vape. However, coils can also be bought in packs that last between 4-6 weeks, and range between £10-£14.

E-Liquids vs cigarettes

The price of cigarettes continues to increase year-on-year, with a pack of 20 cigarettes costing on average £10.40 in the UK. This means if you were to smoke 20 cigarettes a day you’d be spending a whopping £316.33 a month and £3796 per year according to the NHS smoking cost calculator

By comparison, an average vaper spends around £20-£25 a month on e-liquids, equivalent to £240-£300 per year, reports So, despite the ongoing costs of e-liquids, vaping offers massive savings compared to smoking.  

Why a vape pod system might be for you

The price difference between smoking and vaping is pretty impressive and a great motivator to switch. Despite the running costs associated with your e-cigarette, these are miniscule in comparison to smoking, with vapers spending around £440 per year.

If the thought of saving thousands has lured you in then vaping pod kits could be the right device for you. With the powerful battery of a box mod and the simplicity and convenience of a vape pen, vape pod systems make a great device for smokers wanting to switch to vaping. And with kits costing as little as £20, you can start making savings straight away!

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