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How Much Money Can You Expect To Make From The Comfort Of Your Couch?

How Much Money Can You Expect To Make From The Comfort Of Your Couch?

Making money when you’re just sitting at home with an hour to kill can seem like an impossible thing. When all you’ve got is a laptop or phone and an internet signal to hand, how can you possibly bring in extra cash to pad out your income? Well, there are a lot of ways to manage this in the digital world, but how much can you realistically expect to make whilst you’re at it? Let’s go through this question in more detail below. 

It’s All About How You Diversify

Diversifying the way you make money is one of the best ways to increase your returns. The more you’re doing to bring in some extra cash, the more cash you’ll have full stop! But picking and choosing your money making methods can be hard. You’ll want some to be big hitters and some to be low and slow makers, and you need to be patient with both sides. 

So do some online surveys every now and then and sign up to fintech apps that offer free cash for small surges every once in a while. This can lead to maybe £20 per week. Then start your own blog and write content every week; a few months from now this content could be bringing in a stream of passive income from affiliate marketing, direct sponsors, and guest post entries.  

Investment Returns Can Be a Big Boost

Investing in your spare time can be a great way to boost your bank account. After all, it’s been proven that holding shares can guarantee higher returns than simply using cash, and that might be something you’re ready to get in on. However, before you do, make sure you’re aware of how the investment world works. 

For example, think about what you want to invest in. Will you be willing to trade? And if so, what trades will you do? Maybe you could even try something like crypto fx trading? Simply put, there’s a lot of research you need to do next! But even so, the payoff can be well worth it, and many people see at least double their return over time, but keep an eye to prevent the risk from tanking your initial investment. 

Dedicating More Time Can Pay Off

The more time you spend making money from home, the more of a return you’ll see over time. You’ll start small and make some pennies here and there, but as we mentioned above, the hard work right now pays off in the long term. If you want to see an increase in the money you’re bringing in, all you need is an extra hour.

Find time like this in the evenings, after the kids have gone to bed. Do it from your phone whilst commuting or standing in a queue. Small pockets of time here and there can make all the difference! 

The money you make from home all depends on what you do and how long you spend doing it!

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