How to Save Money at the Grand National

How to Save Money at the Grand National

Any new year is a particularly exciting time for horse racing fans, as it usually signifies the return of the best events on the horse racing calendar, first there is March’s Cheltenham Festival, then there is The Grand National in April. It is a three-day celebration of horse racing culture, running from Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th, with over 20 races for the world’s best jockeys to compete in. The Grand National is famous for its high-level, competitive racing, which captures the imagination of both die hard and casual fans. Attendees are encouraged to look sharp in their finest suits, dresses and hats, especially on Ladies Day, while many of them try to win money by betting on race winners, all of which can make it an expensive event. However there are ways to enjoy The Grand National for less, for example, many racegoers prefer to rent suits rather than buy them, while others also take advantage of free bets provided by comparison sites like oddschecker, rather than spending their own money.

With all of this in mind, here are some more tips on how to spend less at the Grand National.

Group Tickets

Grand National Tickets can be one of the main expenses of the event for racegoers with prices ranging from £30 to £95 per day, depending on the seating zone. Like most major events in the UK, The Grand National offers group ticket deals for bookings of between 10 and 50 people. With so many spectators choosing to attend in large groups, this can be a great way to save money on tickets. The official website for the event allows customers to send enquiries to receive preferential group rates.

Hospitality Packages

With at least five hours of racing per day, attendees have to worry about food and drinks, which can be particularly expensive. The Grand National offers racegoers a range of dining options such as a buffet, pub lunch and an al fresco experience where you can watch the chefs prepare your meal outside on the open-air grill, while drinks options include craft beers, fresh cocktails and a selection of British wines. The cost of paying for meals, snacks and beverages individually can add up quickly for racegoers, especially those who go on multiple days. Purchasing one of the hospitality packages, which start from £185, is a good way to keep these costs low.


For those heading to The Grand National in Aintree from far away, accommodation is another necessary expense, especially when going for multiple days. The official Grand National website provides links to nearby hotels, however these are luxury hotels and guest houses suitable for those willing to spend big. Thriftier racegoers will benefit from finding cheaper accommodation through sites like, where you can find suitable hotels for different budgets. Those attending the event in larger groups can rent houses or flats via services like Airbnb rather than booking hotels as it usually works out cheaper and allows you more freedom and comfort than a hotel.

Booking this kind of accommodation also allows you to choose to stay somewhere with the exact facilities you want, which means you can eat and drink there, which usually works out cheaper. Be sure to check out different kinds of accommodation, including places outside of the city, to find a solution that works for you. If you do decide to stay outside of the city, it’s important to calculate travel costs along with accommodation costs to make sure expenses stay low.


Liverpool is one of the country’s most well-connected cities, so getting to Aintree from the city centre is fairly simple with local bus and train services regularly stopping near the racecourse. However, locals regularly complain about the high prices. If you are travelling in a group, with a driver who doesn’t drink alcohol or is willing not to for the event, it can be wise for this friend to be the designated driver, as it can save the group a lot of money on transport. Splitting the cost of petrol usually works out much cheaper than train and coach tickets. Larger groups with a designated driver may want to look into minibus or van hire.

So if a trip to Aintree is on your to-do list, then follow the tips above and you’ll stay on track to save money in 2022 without having to cut back on fun times. 

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