Never too early to start planning a vacation to Mykonos

5 Must-do’s in the most famous Greek Island

The world is back on track and it is well expected that everyone started rushing their wanderlust bucket lists, seeing how fragile international travel can be. And that is a great thing! If not now, then when?

A stunning destination that is always high up on travellers’ lists, and deservingly so, is the Greek island of Mykonos. And if you want to get a taste then you better book your trip sooner than later, because those glamorous Mykonos hotelsare filling up fast. One great option could be

Whether you are looking for a quiet spiritual getaway, a romantic honeymoon, a fancy lifestyle or a party hard trip, Mykonos can be a great fit for all of the above and more. The world famous Greek island has the best of the best to offer, as well as a great variety of activities. Here are the five must-do’s:

  1. Beach life

Follow the celebrity lifestyle in Nammos beach restaurant or have a midday party in Scorpios with the signature of the world-known Soho House group. Always accompanied with delicious bits and bites that will intrigue your palate.

If you are going for a more relaxed vacation style, the natural beauty of the Fokos or Agios Sostis beach will be a perfect fit for you.

  1. Iconic Hotels

Hospitality in Mykonos has gone to the next level with top notch, state of the art facilities that also follow the traditional cycladic style that makes the island unique.

Whether you are looking for a big resort that will spoil you with luxury or an intimate boutique hotel to retreat and recalibrate, Mykonos can offer it all and at the highest quality.

The only problem would be the limited availability as hotels get fully booked by May. After all, the entire world wants to be in Mykonos at some point during the summer.

  1. Site seeing

Despite the common misconception of Mykonos being solely a party island, this jewel of the Cyclades has a lot more to offer. Mykonos has an ancient history that can be better traced in the small island of Delos, located just a short ride away by boat. There you may explore ancient ruins and discover the history of the island of the Sun, as it is known. The energy of the white ancient rocks of the island will recharge you.

Mykonos is also a major art hub, with a big variety of galleries spread around the small white alleyways of the town. You can view (or buy) art pieces unlike others, by world famous artists who choose to display their work here.

  1. Fun activities

The parties with world known DJs on the decks can surely take up a lot of your time, but if you want a bit more adventure, there are a lot of fun activities around.

In Mykonos you can have the chance to kite-surf in Korfos beach, or try various water sports like snorkelling, jet skiing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and the list goes on.

You can also try horseback riding at the beach, with an instructor, but also with a photographer on site to capture your most instagrammable moment.

  1. Gastronomy

Some of the most famous Greek and international chefs choose Mykonos for the summer, making the island a foodie’s paradise! All types of cuisines can be located at their finest version, with many global fine dining chains being present on the island, like Hakkasan, Bagatelle, Zuma, Soho House, Lyo, Billionaire.

Yet the authentic small tavern experience can never be overlooked, with delicious local options. The highlight would be the small restaurant called Kiki’s Tavern, that operates only during the day since it has no electricity and only cooks with wood ovens and fire.

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