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Who doesn’t like the word free? Well, there are not many people who turn something down that has the word free in it. 

Including free bingo, free slots, or free spins. 

What started as online betting and gaming companies hoping to secure the most significant player base has become commonplace. 

How much is the bingo revenue worth?

Bingo industry is worth millions and is one of the most popular games

Gambling revenue when legal within countries and states that allow it can be incredible. The UK specifically has a high gross gambling yield. 

Here are some figures compiled from The Gambling Commission UK and Statista.

  • In the UK, bingo accounts for 910 million GBP in revenue between April 2019 and March 2020. 
  • The bingo industry has generated £1 billion for the UK economy thought 2018-2019
  • During that period, 5.6 million people played bingo, according to Midia
  • The global industry for gambling is thought to be worth $564 billion, as reported by The Business Research Company.

How long has bingo been popular?

Bingo has been popular for 490+ years. Originating in Italy, and moving through France and eventually making it’s way to the USA. 

In the US, bingo was initially called Beano. Players used beans to mark the numbers that were called. Very simple and a huge hit with the masses. 

After one particular player got so excited, they yelled BINGO instead of beano; the game was renamed. 

A math professor got in on the bingo action and created 6,000 different bingo cards. This was so that there were fewer repeating cards and fewer people winning at the same time. 

Bingo was so popular that even the Catholic church got in on the act. A Priest decided to use bingo to help to raise funds for the church. 

By 1934 it is thought that over 10,000 games of bingo were played weekly. When played in a church or with non-profits, they avoid the gambling ban in most states. 

Bingo started to move online in 1998 and has become one of the most popular online gambling games. 

One of the biggest draws for bingo lovers was that bingo brands went big on promotions, bonuses and free bingo. 

What is free bingo?

There are many types of free when it comes to playing games online. Free bingo is a bingo game where you don’t need to deposit any money. 

No deposit, no money, simply bingo for free. 

How can you play free bingo?

Almost all bingo websites have a version of free bingo. 

There is a considerable variation of free bingo sites; you could play a wink bingo free game in minutes. Making it great for people who are just exploring their free bingo options. 

To get started, all you need to do is: 

  • Search for your preferred bingo site
  • Make sure that you are 18+ (or the right age for your country and state). 
  • Navigate the website to create your accounts
  • Find the free bingo area
  • Choose a lobby
  • Start your first free bingo game!

Although there might be some variation of how you sign up, the steps above are pretty standard. 

What are the perks of free bingo?

While the price might be right, free bingo has more to it than just being free. 

Free bingo allows you to practice, learn and find the games that you enjoy. Making free bingo the best thing for those are bingo newbies.

Free bingo is also great for people on a tight budget but racing the excitement of playing a bingo game. 

You can still win prizes!

Free bingo still allows you to win money even though you aren’t depositing any

There is a misconception for many that when playing free bingo, you can’t win anything. 

However, you can win a wide range of prizes when playing free bingo. 

  • Real cash
  • Vouchers
  • Loyalty points
  • Entry into prize pots and bigger cash pots
  • Prizes like cars, electronics and more

The cash amounts are always as large as a paid bingo card, but it is still possible to win considerable quantities. 

You should always read the T&Cs to see if the cash you win is available to withdraw or if you can use it to play cash bingo. 

When playing regular bingo, you can get bonuses. Can you earn rewards with free bingo?

Since you are already playing for free, you might not be getting any extra bonuses straight away. 

However, after you have played free bingo for a while, you might wish to deposit it in your account. In this care, you are likely to get a good-sized first deposit match. 

How can you make the most of free bingo?

Just like playing regular bingo, you can have a lot of fun when playing free bingo. 

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of playing free bingo; this will mean you understand what you can do with any winnings. 

Make sure you read all of the laws for your country and adhere to them while playing. 

Get to know the other players in the lobby and chat rooms; this can help bring the game’s social aspect.

Keep informed of all of the free bingo times on the site of your choice. 

Use your free bingo times to learn more about the game and find your preferred games (75-ball, 90-ball, and different themes). 

Are there any drawbacks to playing free bingo?

Nope! It is all about managing your expectations.

Expect smaller wins and understand what you can do with your winnings so you can have an utterly budget-friendly bingo session!

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