Why bonuses are good for both online casinos and their customers

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Accessible and enjoyable, online gaming is immensely popular here in the UK. A quick look at statistics from Statista in recent years shows that 74% of respondents in one piece of research have signed up for services with between 1 and 3 different iGaming sites. Meanwhile, the BBC news website reported in May 2020 that searches related to online casinos had hit an all-time high during 2020.

Although some of these searches will be down to the circumstances of the individuals themselves, the other reason behind the interest, besides the general accessibility to gaming today, is the way online casinos market themselves and attract players. Bonuses are one technique they use. This post looks at how players can use bonuses and benefit from them, and how casinos benefit from bonuses in online casinos.

How players can use bonuses while playing

Offering a bonus is a fabulous way for an online casino to bring in players through its digital doors. There are different ways that a player can make the bonus work in their favour. Here are a few:

Free spins

Free spins are something of a boon and if you’re luck’s in, you can make a lot of money in a very short space of time without even laying down a many of your own money. A player can just look for a casino that has a free spins offer and then open an account with the operator. 

It’s not unusual for a player for a player to become seriously rich by taking advantage of free spins on a slot. Even if you don’t win millions of pounds, you could still end up a few hundred pounds or a few thousand better off when you’re on the right slot at the right time. 

No deposit schemes 

No-deposit schemes are a terrific way for first-time players on a website to get a feel for the games and decide whether the online casino is the one for them. Some casinos will offer the player a single option, whereas other will provide various ones. Although there may be some limits on the amount of money you win, it’s still a chance to leave with more in your pockets (or rather, account) than when you started playing.

Exclusive bonuses

Some players want to feel that bit more special and online casinos can make that happen for them, which they do by affording them exclusive bonuses. These go to players who have established a special relationship with the casino, possibly because they play a lot at the casino. The player can enjoy a bonus or privilege that’s only available to a more select few of the players and revel in that exclusive treatment.

Use of bonuses on medium and low variance slots

A savvy player might take full advantage of a bonus to play on low- and medium-variance slots. Slots that feature these levels of variances tend to pay out more often, although the sums they pay out are lower because of the frequency of the payouts. These small but frequent wins are a good way for a player to swell up their account credit. 

How benefits help the casinos

Naturally, as much as the bonuses benefit the players, the casinos have to get something out of the bargain, too. And they do. Here are some of the reasons why casinos offer bonuses and should continue to offer them:

Bonuses encourage players to spend more money

It’s a rare person that doesn’t like receiving something for free. Casinos know that if they give players a bonus, the players are likely to spend more of their money. It’s a little like a shopper going into the supermarket and making the most of the ‘3 for 2’ offers. They’re prepared to spend extra because they’re receiving one of the items for free.

Bonuses make players become less risk averse

Imagine: a player works hard in their day job and, as a result of that graft, they’re much more cautious about the amount of money they spend and how they spend it. 

This transforms when the operator rewards them with a big bonus for playing on their site. After going through a large amount of bonus money which didn’t belong to them, the player won’t feel as cautious about using their own money and will be willing to invest more in playing than before the bonus.

They help them to retain existing players

Online casinos, like any other business, are always looking to attract new customers. At the same time, however, they still wish to keep their existing customers. It’s well known that a lot of business is repeat business and it’s also a little cheaper to sell services or products to them: they’re already fans of your business and you don’t have to invest as much in marketing to them. 

That’s why online casinos will create some bonuses that only players who already hold an account with them can enjoy. The bonuses encourage the players to keep playing on the operator’s site and spending money with them. It’s a sign to them that the operator appreciates the player’s loyalty to the site.

Bonuses serve as something of a clever promotional tool, designed to attract business, but also as an aspect of online casino gaming that can enhance the player’s experience. Offering bonuses gives both sides of the offer the chance to earn some extra money, which is a deal that suits everybody.

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