5 reasons why no one cares about your blog

5 reasons why no one cares about your blog

Blogging is a crowded market. It doesn’t matter what your niche is these days be it fashion or the ever chocked Mummy blogger sector there are a LOT of people all swimming in that same pool as you and it’s harder than ever to make your blog stand out and get the views that you want your content to get or think it deserves.

So instead of struggling to get your head above the water here are 5 sure fire ways of making sure your BLOG GETS NOTICED!!!


Nothing is more important that making that right first impression. Getting the balance right between something being readable and showing off a bit of personality can be quite hard to get from the off and can take a few months to find that middle ground. If something is just ugly to use and laid out bad then people aren’t going to be in a rush to come back anytime soon. Being different to all the other beauty blogs out there (which I swear 90% of them all seem to have the exact same layout!) in terms of design may really make you stand out! So don’t be afraid to making that big change to your site. Sure some people might react negatively but you can never please all of the people all of the time with what you do and it’s pointless  trying to!


Ever notice how you bloggers in your niche all tend to write the same sort of content as yourself? The reality is that you can’t have 1000 odd Mummy bloggers and each of you only ever come up with unique content. Chances are that given enough time the same topics will get recycled from blogger to blogger. To combat this why don’t you take an hour or two and just have a real think about things you could write about that aren’t the norm. Things that maybe other people would love to read but haven’t elsewhere. Sometimes blogging can be just as much about keeping your audience as it is about growing it and bringing in new eyeballs.

Having personality in your posts.

There’s NOTHING worse than reading super dry blog posts, especially if your blog is one that is more about showing yourself and your life off rather than just reviews of products or holidays. Readers want to feel a connection with the blogger and you are never going to get that by writing content that doesn’t have any feels to it. Expose your little bit (in the writing sense!) in your blog post and let people get to know you. Once they feel that connection to both the blog and yourself they will return each week to see what you are up to!


Being different on social media

Social Media, if you are a blogger can be seen as a necessary evil. If you are just going to use it promote your content people are going to get tired your shenanigans pretty fast! You need to engage with people and show a bit of personality. Tweet some crazy pics of what you’ve been up to, join in Twitter chats which will help you find other people you can engage with inside your niche. People think that social media is all about promoting your blog but it isn’t, it’s about promoting YOU!



At some point you will hit a bit of a plateau in terms of exposure to your audience and at that point the best thing you can do is look at exposing other communities to your amazing blog. One of the best ways to do this is by guest posting on other blogs outside of your niche. The guest posts don’t need to be about your site but instead I find the best ones are ones that gel in terms of the sort of content their readers would be looking for. If you blog about beauty normally but guest posting on a blog about personal finance then tailor your guest post for THEIR audience not yours. Finance readers aren’t going to be interested in makeup but if you write good engaging content about money they will click through to your site to find out a bit more about you.

Follow my advice above and I PROMISE you that you will stand out and have a blog that everyone will be talking about online!

What do you think?

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