5 Tools to Make Money as a Digital Nomad

Make Money as a Digital Nomad

The world is constantly changing, and one of the biggest influences is the digital world. The internet, combined with new-age technology, is allowing anyone with an internet connection and electronic device to work anywhere they want in the world. 

They don’t need an office or a shop, and so it has caused more digital nomads to rise as a result. A digital nomad is someone who uses telecommunications technologies in order to make money. 

If you want to become one of these digital nomads, then you’ll benefit from some helpful tools. Here are five tools to make money as a digital nomad.


In order to manage a team remotely or to get your work processes in order, you need a platform or service that can provide this need. Slite is a tool that can help you manage and organize the work processes of your own work but also that of your team or anyone within your business or venture. 

With Slite’s structure, it will give you and your team the ability to see everything clearly and with no mess. A knowledge base is important to have, but with Slite, you get so much more than that. By collaborating on work together, you avoid any drop in communications, and wherever you are, you can access documents and data as and when it’s needed. 

Slite can work like a physical office space in which you meet to discuss ideas, share insights, and monitor ongoing clients or projects that you have going. It’s one of the best for when you’re working remotely, so it’s worth taking advantage of.


There are certain challenges that you’d think would be a problem when it comes to operating as a remote business. One of those is daily meetings, which would usually take place in an office environment, face-to-face. 

This also involves meetings with clients, all of which are very important to have in order to grow and develop your business and its relationships. However, thanks to the power of digital software, Piktochart exists to address those challenges. 

It’s a simple platform that is easy to understand, and so is simple enough that even the most basic of computer users can navigate it without having issues. 

Piktochart is perfect for giving online presentations to remote clients and to your staff that look just as professional and are just as effective as they would be in the flesh. Create a professional-looking report or use this online presentation maker to secure those clients who are almost at the end of the sales funnel.


When running a business that relies on the internet, it’s essential that you’re presenting yourself in the best way possible. Maze is one of those tools that can help make your website or whatever platform you use to look the part. 

Professionalism is key, and it needs to look legitimate for potential clients to take you seriously. It’s surprising just how many companies who have an online domain don’t put much attention into how it functions or looks. 

There are various prototypes that you might want to feature on your online website or shop, and so it’s important to test them out beforehand so you can see exactly what your potential customer or client will see.

Maze offers usability testing tools that can offer you insights into what’s effective for your users and what might need more tweaking or replacing completely. Whether its Marvel, InVision, or Sketch prototypes, this platform offers the ability to see your design in operation so that you can work on making it the best it can be.


Money makes the world go around, but as a digital nomad, that can prove quite difficult if your work is taking place all over the world. From various exchange rates to the aversion that many clients may have to pay you via bank transfer, it’s important to be flexible with your forms of payment when invoicing them. 

There are a number of platforms out there that are worth using, two of which tend to come out on top as being the most popular. 

Paypal is a fast and easy way to send money around the world. It takes a fee for the payment you receive, but it’s a small price to pay for the effort saved on your part. Setting up an account is easy enough and for businesses, there’s an option to open a business account in order for those digital nomads to take payment, whatever platform or website they sell on. 

Create and manage invoices and send friendly reminders for late payments with just one click of a button. Getting paid has never been so easy!

If you’re looking for a payment platform that rivals the banks when it comes to foreign exchange and currency fees, then, Transferwise is also worth looking at. With Transferwise, you are charged a fee like Paypal, but you might find that with this platform, you get a better exchange when that money transfers into your bank.

Transferwise gives you the ability to transfer many currencies around the world to your own in a matter of seconds. In modern-day business, where time is a valuable asset, getting paid quickly and without much fuss is certainly beneficial to have. Like Paypal, they also have a business account option to take advantage of.


Seeing money coming in is an exciting thing for any digital nomad but managing and monitoring that income is important. By knowing your cash flow and just how much you’ve got coming in, will help you make decisions within your business when it’s needed. 

If you’re not doing this, then you could be overspending and potentially putting yourself in the position of financial ruin if you’re not careful. With that being said, you need a platform like Quickbooks to help manage your books. This type of platform can be very handy for when you’re doing a lot of it on your own, or at least to begin with. 

There may come a time where you can hire someone to do your accounting, but for now, Quickbooks is an ideal solution.

Quickbooks works as an accounting software package that helps small and medium-sized businesses in their daily needs. From accepting business payments to paying your bills and expenses, there’s a lot that this software can do, and it’s easily adaptable for when you’re on the move. 

It’s also good for doing payroll, so if you have anyone working for you, then this can also be helpful. There are different types of packages that they offer, so depending on the type of business you require will depend on which package you go for. 

Becoming your own boss and having the freedom to make money from anywhere in the world can definitely be a tempting opportunity that many take advantage of. Whether you’re someone who wants to sell handmade items or you fancy writing whilst exploring the world, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of. 

These tools are going to be helpful in running your business or venture effectively and efficiently. Make sure to take advantage of these if you fancy yourself as a digital nomad.

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