6 Ways You Can Stay Motivated through the Current Financial Crisis

6 Ways You Can Stay Motivated through the Current Financial Crisis

We live in trying times. World events and economic woes mean life is getting worse for millions worldwide. But through it all, it’s vital that you stay motivated if you want to come out the other side. Remember, financial crises and cost of living increases don’t last forever.

Consider Making Your Hobby Your Career

It’s a dream for everyone to turn a hobby into a job. Imagine getting paid to build custom gaming PCs or add custom skins to PlayStation and Xbox. It’s not as hard as you think to make something of yourself by turning a profit from something you love to do. But there are some things you need to do first. If you want to make income from something, you need to form a company. This way, the government knows about your business and what tax you should pay. If you don’t do this, you could land yourself in legal trouble with the revenue services.

Engage Your Passion Online or Off

Like most, you probably have one or more things you are passionate about. Don’t let it go to waste. Passion is an excellent driver at keeping you motivated to get where you want to be. Football, dancing, or video games, you can engage in all of these online or offline. The internet is excellent for keeping up with the things you love and telling the world just how much you love them. You can even use your skills, knowledge and passion to make some extra money. For instance, YouTube lets you earn money from almost anything, and Twitch is great for gaming.

Apply Your Knowledge into a Side Hustle

Of course, you might not have the time or resources to develop a business. It can take a lot of time and money to set up a business, whether online or offline. But you can make some extra cash and keep yourself motivated by applying your knowledge and skills to a side hustle. A side lets you make extra money on top of your job. In most cases, you are best doing something you are good at and enjoy. Basically something you could do all day without getting bored. Most side hustles don’t pay a ton of money, but you still might pay tax.

BONUS: The 5 Best Side Hustle Sites

A side hustle can be virtually anything you want. Just think of something you like to do and either search for it, or offer it as a service. The best way to begin an online business is with online sites dedicated to it. There are loads out there, but some of the best sites include:

  • Fiverr: a great place for freelancing services and small business of almost any kind.
  • UpWork: similar to Fiverr but offers a ton of writing and blogging work.
  • Amazon: amazing for selling new products and digital creations like eBooks.
  • eBay: sell just about anything, new or used. Best if you develop a niche.
  • Etsy: a fantastic marketplace for homemade creations and arts and crafts.

The sites listed are among the best for just about any kind of online side hustle. But, of course, not all side hustles need to be online. You can make a side hustle of anything. Some of the top-paying real-world side hustles include car flipping, baking and property rental.

Teach Others What You Know

Teaching people how to do something meaningful is one of the best uses of your time. And it keeps you out of trouble and motivated to do some good. You might be surprised by how much you know about something, and you will never know unless you try. You don’t need a teaching license so long as you aren’t working at a school or providing certification. This means you can get active in your community by helping others make something of themselves. For example, suppose you love building gaming rigs. Then why not show local kids how to do it?

Stay Motivated by Getting Active

When you are motivated, you exercise more. When you exercise more, you become better motivated. But you don’t need one for the other. However, the benefits are fantastic when you do both. Lack of exercise can be bad for mental health. In addition to body image issues, you might get high cortisol levels which means more depression and anxiety. Exercise and motivation help you focus on yourself and perform better at work. Motivated people are more likely to get promoted at their job or switch careers to take their lives in the direction they want.

Just Do What Gets You Through

Anyone can tell you that exercise is excellent for getting through or you need to do something else to be successful. But they only tell you what works for them. And what works for one person might not work for another. So you need to do what gets you through the bad times. Your mates might play football all the time to take their minds off their troubles. Maybe you like to pwn noobs on the latest Call of Duty for a few hours a night. The trick is finding something that calms you down, makes you feel happy and find some time for doing it. All work and no play…


We have never seen current world issues before, and they can bum you out. But you can get through them by applying your passion to something like a new business or side hustle. Also, staying active and helping others is a great way to ease your mind.

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