Bloggers behold! The days of endlessly scheduling your social media updates are over with SocialOomph

Bloggers behold! The days of endlessly scheduling your social media updates are over with SocialOomph 4

Anyone that runs a blog will know the time vacuum that is scheduling social media. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you will end up spending an amazing amount of time designing and scheduling your content.

Over the years of running The Money Shed I can’t count how many times I have dreaded when the time has come around for me to schedule all my social media and 90% of the dread was from the fact that I was just having to repeat the same action time and time again.

Thankfully those days are long behind me thanks to SocialOomph.

SocialOomph is a platform where you can manage all your social media needs all in one place instead of having to constantly login to Facebook and then Twitter and then somewhere else and also take advantage of their biggest selling point RESERVOIRS!

On the main social media platforms when you go to schedule posts or tweets in advance you would usually just write them and schedule them to go out at one particular time. With SocialOomph you are able to schedule recurring tweets at whatever time you want to suit yourself.


The advantage of this is that it means that if you are wanting to promote a new post on your blog but don’t want to look too spammy about it you can use this feature to make the gaps look a bit more natural be. It also means that if you have produced a sponsored post and part of that agreement is that you tweet a certain number of times you can write that tweet once and set it to occur a set number of times and you are all done!

As I mentioned above where SocialOomph REALLY excels is in its reservoir feature which allows you to add a social media post into a ‘pot’ and the posts are then chosen at random and posted between 10 minutes and 4 hours (again, that is chosen at random) between each other creating a real sense of randomly scheduled content to your followers.


At the time of writing this post I have around 280/300 updates in my reservoir which promote my blog posts or other things of interest to my followers. I should say that when you first set up your reservoir (and depending on the size of your blog!) you are looking at maybe an hours work of telling SocialOomph all about your blog posts and associated links. The flip side of this is that you will never have to schedule promoting old blog posts ever again as they are randomly selected out of the pot and promoted.


There are 3 packages available on SocialOomph and I feel the 2 paid packaged are both fantastic value for money and NEITHER are long term contracts and can be cancelled AT ANY TIME!

The FREE package gives you features such as Tweet scheduling, keyword tracking, drafts, a URL shortener, monitoring tool and lets you connect up to 5 Twitter accounts.

The Twitter Unlimited package which is only $6.97 every 2 weeks lets you have access to all the tools above plus the all important Reservoir feature and also lets you link an unlimited number of Twitter accounts.

The Professional Package is only $17.79 every 2 weeks and lets you have access to all the features of the previous package plus lets you schedule for Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You can also set ‘self destruct’ dates for your tweets so they stop getting randomly scheduled at a date of your choosing and also you can BULK UPLOAD tweet updates!

No matter which package you choose I can’t stress enough just how much time SocialOomph has saved me over the last few months I’ve been using it.

What do you think?

Written by themoneyshed

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