Earn money with FreeBeePoints (and even EVEN MORE if you’re a TMS user!)

Earn money with FreeBeePoints (and even EVEN MORE if you're a TMS user!)


Sainsbury’s Nectar Card, Boots’ Advantage Card, Tesco’s Club Card and Morrison’s Match and More Card, these are just a small selection of the loyalty cards that are on offer today. Each card offering different ways to reward their loyal customers but sometimes it’d be nice to be appreciated by the smaller shops in your life. How great would it if the local kebab shop gave you a free kebab every so   many visits or the butty van that comes around at 12oClock everyday gave you a free packet of crisps with your fifth sandwich? What would be even better is if you didn’t have to worry about carrying a loyalty card with you for these places…if only there was a way to make that happen. Well, there is! gives local business owners the chance to offer their loyal customers a little something extra.

FreeBee Points allows local shop keepers to offer loyalty rewards to their customers just like the bigger companies do. Customers can stroll in to their local shops and have their own QR code on an app on their phone scanned to earn them points which can then be redeemed however the shop chooses. This is ideal for takeaways, sandwich shops, pubs and loads of other local businesses who don’t want the expense of having a Loyalty Card/Reward Points system developed and implemented.

The benefits of FreeBee Points

For companies

Freebee Points offer a non-technical implementation as there is no system overhaul needed and what’s more it comes at a low, one time cost of £99 (potentially saving £1000’s). Being referred by a FreeBee Points member (such as one of the members of The Money Shed) will also give you an additional £10 off the sign up cost. All you need is a member’s unique promocode. It’s a simple way to reward your loyal customers, which keeps them coming back and increases your sales.

For the customer

Obviously the customer benefits from the loyalty rewards that are issued by each shop but as an additional bonus, Freebee Points offers a whopping £30 for referring a shop that then takes on their services. If that wasn’t enough The Money Shed forum members get an additional £5 for every company who comes on board under their referral code – making it a £35 referral bonus. This bonus is ONLY available to members of The Money Shed forum – When you create your unique promo code/ referral code on the following page, simply put the initials MS at the start of your code..

EG: MSFB210973
For Fred Bloggs, born 21/09/1973

Please use this agent signup link 

It is extremely easy to navigate, all the information you need is provided and being associated with adds extra confidence in using the site. If you’re thinking about using this as a shop keeper, then make sure you get yourself on to the forum to benefit from that extra bonus for referring your own business.

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