Bridging The Gap Between Invoices

Gap Between Invoices

Working for yourself is never easy, especially in the very beginning. You will have to work extremely hard to get your business up and running, with most people finding it hard to make ends meet for at least a couple of years. As time goes on, this will get a little bit easier, but you’ll still need to be able to bridge the gap between invoices from time to time. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to get your hands on proper financing for your business when you’re waiting to get paid.

Invoice Finance

As the most obvious answer to this problem, invoice finance is a great place to start. Offered by banks and lending organizations, this sort of loan is given to companies when they can prove that they have invoices waiting to be paid, but don’t have enough to make ends meet in the meantime. This won’t always work in your situation, though, as you often have to be able to plan ahead for this to work. It takes time to take out a loan, and a lot of freelancers and small business owners find that they need money quicker than this. Invoice finance is best when you’re working on a large project and know you won’t make it to the end without some help.

Starting New Work

A lot of professionals find it hard to move onto a new job before they’ve finished the last. Not only will this process often disrupt your flow, but it can also make it hard to finish all of the work on your plate. If someone is taking a long time to pay you, though, you have to find a way to make money from somewhere. Starting a new job can be a great way to handle this, as long as you’re able to keep track of all of the tasks at hand. You need to work hard to avoid taking on more than two at a time, as this could start to get out of hand if you keep taking new work, though you should have a good idea of your limits after a few years in the field.


While it’s an option which most people will already try and setup for themselves, it’s worth thinking about the importance of savings. If you have a couple of month’s worth of money saved up, you won’t have to worry about the issues which can arise when you don’t get paid in time. There are loads of apps around the web which can help with this, along with blogs, forums, and even large companies which will all offer free information which can prove to be a lifesaver. Of course, you will want to topup your savings once you’ve been paid again, but this shouldn’t have a big impact unless you don’t get paid for a long time.

Quick Loans

There are a lot of different types of loan available on the modern market. Some are designed to help you buy something large, while others are meant to cover a short gap, and this means that you have to do some research before you jump in. Instant loans are available in a range of different forms, with those which are designed to be paid very quickly being food when you know you’re about to get paid. Of course, it’s always worth ensuring that you could pay a loan back without having to receive a big payday, but this is something which you will have to learn to balance for yourself.

Family & Friends

A lot of people struggle to talk to their closest friends and family members about money, with this area holding a lot of taboo in the modern world. When you need to make ends meet, though, those who care about you the most are always going to be your best option for help. They usually won’t charge interest, will be flexible with repayments, and will often want to help as much as they can. You can return the favour once your business is running strong and you’re making enough to help everyone else.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on bridging the gap between your biggest invoices. It’s never easy to get paid when you start working for yourself, with a lot of clients paying at the very last moment. Of course, though, this will get easier as you learn how to balance it out properly.

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