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Many years ago investment in your colleagues was very far and far between. I have many memories during my working days in my 20s of going to my manager at the time and asking for some in-house training or to go on an external course that I thought would further my career and in turn help the business but more often than not my request was knocked back with issues around the costs involved or the age old ‘if we do it for you we’ll have to do it for everyone’ argument.

Times were when ‘training’ used to mean being sent away on away days half way across the country or companies like Impact Factory, QA or Pitman would come in to deliver training in our work settings.

Thankfully with so many courses being accessible online and management no longer having to send staff away for a few days at a time to receive it, companies are more receptive than ever when it comes to training their staff. But what other advantages does business training bring to a company no matter if the the content is delievered in person or online?

Increased Productivity

This would seem an obvious one but often external training can be looked at only as a short term solution to a skills shortage or an issue that needs to be addressed. What it actually does it help make staff more creative as you are able to build it into a member of staffs performance management so you can physically see the benefits that the training as bought to your company.

Improves staff moral and motivation

Staff like to know they are being listened to. No one wants to stay in the same place forever at work and offer employees the chance to improve their old skill set and perhaps earn more money further down the line as they apply those new skills is something that can really motivate them. In turn this will also help reduce staff turnover as if employees feel their happiness is being valued much more they are far more likly to stay than go elsewhere where they feel they would get far more personal development.

Increases you competitive edge as a business

The old mantra of a workplace is only as good as its employees holds true here. Happy, motivated staff who are learning new skills which can be put into action will give you a huge competitive edge compared to your competition where staff perhaps feel stuck in a rut and are just waiting to leave. The sheer number of courses available online now as well means that getting the edge no longer needs to cost a lot of money. This will also mean that as a business you are able to adapt to change and grow far better if you are staffed with employees who have a mindset that is always learning and ready to adapt.

All the above shows just how easy it is to get the edge over your competitors by having well trained staff that are no only engaged with what they do each day but where the business is heading in the future.

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