How to make money while working from home?

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For some, the thought of going back to work in the current climate can be terrifying and you may even have realised you don’t really like your old 9-5 job. Having to wear a mask, social distancing, being away from your family but also the fear of losing your job because of the current economic climate. There are many reasons why you could choose to start working from home despite the easing of the lockdown. However, there are things to take into consideration before making the big leap, some industries are better suited for home than others. Here are a few ideas we’ve put together to help you decide.

Beauty sector

If you’re into beauty, then there is definitely a lot of options for you out there. Because many still fear going out to their barber, hairdresser or beautician, opening a home hair salon can be a true business opportunity. However, keep in mind that it’s not that easy and may require you to check with your mortgage lender or landlord if you’re allowed to run a business from home. Once all is checked, make sure you are armed with professional equipment. Another important point is to protect yourself and your client with the appropriate PPE, so disposable gloves like those from Unigloves and masks should be acquired. 

Art sector

Maybe you are into arts and love painting, crafts, jewellery or even clothing, if that’s the case then you’ll be surprised on how much money you could make by opening your own little online store and selling your art. Etsy is a great place to start, yes there are fees and competition but it is also the most popular independent online store out there. We would also advise getting involved with social media to promote your art and engage with possible customers, some people even use Instagram as their point of sale and bypassing marketplaces altogether!

Language sector

Tutoring is a great way to make some cash, especially if you can speak another language. With the current climate, many school kids have been struggling or missing lessons and their parents may need some help to catch up on their lack of studies in certain topics. Again, you’ll be surprised how much people are willing to pay for private lessons! Easy to set up on dedicated websites, you can create your profile in less than 10 minutes, all you really need is a good computer with a decent webcam and microphone and obviously being fluent in a language. 

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